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babaroo Posts: 329
Hi Girls Im probably going to be induced in the cumh sometime next week.. Anyone any advise for me.. and anyone manage to get through an induction without epi ? Im soooooooo nervous!!! Thank Girls...
ellee Posts: 666
Stay calm... Take the epi *)
fifi28 Posts: 481
hi there try not to worry too much it will be fine. i was induced on ds and strange as it may sound when and if i have a 2nd i wouldn't mind being induced again. i didnt go without the epidural in my opinion if its going take it :o0 best of luck and as scary as labour is when they put that little baby in your arms it really is all forgotten !
Delish Posts: 4176
You'll be grand. Why don't you want the epi? I was induced and got the epi at about 5 or 6 cm (i think) on ds1. Wasn't induced and just had gas and air on ds2. I went really fast on ds2, so I think it might have been like being induced, the contractions were coming thick and fast. Listen it is do-able and bareable. The midwife told me when I got to 9 cm's the hard part was akmost over and all I needed to do was push now. I really didn't believe her. The pushing part is very hard but your body does know what to do, and it sorta takes over. I was screaming for the epi at 9 cm's but I got to 10 without it, and the pushing while difficult was very natural. You are not just lying there in pain, you are actively doing something. If you really don't want the epi you will manage it. BUT, BUT, BUT don't get hung up on either getting it or not getting it, as they will get that baby out one way or the other, they will advise you and do their best to do what is best for you in your labour experience. Don't worry or overthink it, you will be fine. Best of luck - so exciting. You are so lucky to have the first beautiful few weeks to look forward to.
neeov Posts: 4256
I had the epi. DD had pooed in her waters and she needed to be got out fast so they gave me loads of hormone drip. I felt the contractions and her moving through the epi and 3 top ups. Every mum is different and every labour is different, keep an open mind. I hated being numb afterward and having the needle in my hand for the day after (I eventually told them that baby poo was on it so that they would take it off!! ) I did not know this about induction: 1. They give you gel to ripen your cervix if you are 0% dilated like me. I got 3 rounds of it over 1 day. This started contractions for me but they were not proper labour contractions :-( .Still hurt. 2. When the cervix is dilated they break your waters 3. Then they give you the hormone drip. They start low and ramp it up. Babys heartbeat is monitored so they know that the baby is tolerating the heavy contractions. Bring stuff that will be comfortable for after a c section as you are more likely to end up with one if you are induced. Are you going into the induction room? I was on the ward from the night before and there is no gas and air there. I only had the tens machine. If you are in the induction room there is lovely gas and air there. Best of luck!!!