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tazmania Posts: 94
hi all, just wanted to get frustration off my chest bout this shop! went there today and was horrific from start to finish! Firstly we couldnt find the shop because theres no sign for it. i rang the lady to ask where it was and she directed us to a furniture was in a little room over it. we were 10 mins late and had to wait another 15 mins (10 of them outside in the cold!) before she was finally ready for me. no apology for the delay. Secondly she asked me straight out in front of my mam and 3 bridesmaids what size i prob if your a 10/12 but when your 20/22 its very embarrassing. thirdly, the room was small and dingy, i had to change behind a screen, very small space, had to climb over the train of dress to get out of changin area! the dresses werent the cleanest, but the veil she put on me...disgusting! i dunno how it possibly got so manky dirty!! but the biggest problem i had with it was that she only had about 4 dresses that fit me, which wouldnt have bothered me only i rang 2 weeks ago nd asked if she had a good selection of plus sizes and she said she had loads!! then she just looked at me today as if to say well thats all the dresses i have that fit heifers! grrr >:o( rant over!
Muriel09 Posts: 361
Was this your first visit to a bridal shop? Sounds terrible! The first shop I went to was really crappy and staff were so pushy,the difference in the next shop was unreal!Just keep looking,it really helps when the staff in the shop are nice.You'll get something gorgeous eventually :wv
GoldStar Posts: 775
Sorry to hear about your experience.... As a plus size girl I symphatise.... I had horrible nightmares about this when I was dress shopping... You will find your perfect dress in the next shop, or the one after.... Don't worry :xxx
kookiegal Posts: 1150
Ooh, she sounds like a right rude yoke. Keep searching you will find your dress. I don't know where you are based but Mc Elhinneys in Donegal have a great selection of plus size dresses. A colleague of mine is a size 26 and she got her dress there. It was so nice and really made the most of her curves. I remember a thread on here not so long ago about stores that have a good selection of plus size dresses - maybe do a search. I found it horrible in some stores having dresses way too small and way too big being held against me and being told that it will look like that in your size! Not good enough! Best of luck and don't let one wagon in a third rate store puddle you off :wv
jenston Posts: 54
OMG that sounds like an awful experience god love ya!!! I'm a plus size lady also and was really worried i'd have terrible experiences like you just described i have to say when i initially went looking for dresses and BM dresses one shop i went too was small and dingy also!!! and the lady not so friendly had nothin in my size but if i really wanted i cud try on a size 14 to see if i liked the style!!! I didn't even bother the dress prob wudn't have went over my tigh...... But the 2nd time i went looking i went to Rubens Bridal in Calverstown about 5mins from kilcullen and OMG what an experience you couldn't get a nicer bridal shop ample room in changing room for me and someone to help me into my dress...the girls janet and catherine cudn't be nicer i wud really reccommend you go here even if you don't find something you like they'll definately boost your confidence in trying to find ur perfect dress.... hope this helps and don't let that wagon ruin ur experience best of luck ***('',)
WeddingBelle2011 Posts: 503
I definetely 2nd Ruben's Bridal. They have some beautiful dresses there, and u will be spoiled for choice as every single one of the dresses will fit, and therefore will give u a better idea. I'd loved every minute of it there, and it was lovely space aswell, big and bright!!
adorabelle Posts: 880
There a good few threads re plus size dress shopping and how the small some sample sizes are...however things being dirty etc is just rotten and poor in relation to the store.. Sorry you had a bad experience and hope you dont feel too frustrated about it, your prefect dress is out there for you... As for Rubens, cant say enough - they are amazing and really great to deal with.....
tazmania Posts: 94
thanks girls, i actually got my dress dress yesterday in alexanders on parnell st! :) im thrilled! and the staff were so lovely in there, a class apart! i was in rubens aswell and loved it! i really wanted to order from there just because the ladies were so nice but they dont stock the dress i wanted! bella novia was the only shop that made me feel 'big' and i was in lots of shops on my search!!
adorabelle Posts: 880
:thnk Congrats - delighted for you.....