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gafferino Posts: 6
Hi Folks has anyone been to a wedding in Bellinter House recently? thinking of booking it but want a few opinions before hand. I heard they are owned by a bank now but dont think theres any issues with that. Also they are looking for outrageous fee if you use the marquee which could rule it out. We really like the venue though so just wanted to get opinions!! Thanks
dumdumdidum2013 Posts: 300
Hiya! We looked there+loved it but ended up ruling it out. Main reason was that during meal everyone would be separated weddings r political at the best of times never mind separate room,much as id like!! Fsil had been at wedding there before said seating for dinner was an issue, so many rooms they missed first dance people didnt hear speeches in main room before dinner as everyone was standing. Not sure how much their rates are, was last winter we looked. Also they didnt do Saturday weddings having used a large chunk of hols over last few yrs on Thurs/Fri weddings knew we'd lose alot of people lots.of teacher friends+ we didnt want summer wedding. Still love it there but practicality won in the end, also for the Manor house type wedding when we compared figures they were def the dearest by quite a bit might be worth looking into. . . Sorry if not what you wanted to hear I didnt want to hear it either but think we got a much better deal elsewhere!
Bunny2012 Posts: 104
i was a guest at a wedding there two years back. The food was the best i've had at any wedding. Chapter One Quality! It is split over different rooms but to be honest you wouldn't notice really. They added a marquee to the side for the wedding but nobody bothered with it. Everyone was happy in the rooms as they were. Also the couples's photos were amazing!
Hbombadero Posts: 1960
Food was very good. Bride put all the young friends in the separate room so that was good - could get political though! They did speeches before dinner in the sitting room which was nice and staff went around before the dancing to tell everyone that the music was starting upstairs. Good wedding.