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maybebaby25 Posts: 26
I've been reading up on these and they sound great, but they only have chocolate ones on the VHI website, anyone know if they get more stock in every so often. Obvioulsy i'd like a black and a white one as theses would go with most outfits. Heard the ones in Topshop are as good ... is this right. Would they also have them in Mothercare ????
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
What an earth are these inventions?
shocked22 Posts: 511
I got one in and it is the best thing ever invented!!! Have worn it every day since I got it. I only got a black one but must invest in a white one now!! The one I have basically goes from under the boobs to under the bump and give support and helps to keep any clothes that are slightly too big, on me and anythign that is too tight, up when worn open!!! Would love to know if any of the high street shops sell them and if they are as good as the one I have?
Mrs March Posts: 175
Dora, they're stretchy bands you put on to cover the fact that your trousers aren't zipped/buttoned. I got a black one and a white one in Topshop MaybeBaby and you're right, they cover all outfits. You just wear a regular top over them and they give a layered look. Very comfy. Heard somewhere Topshop ones aren't as good as the trademark ones but have to say, I find them great. Only €8 each too! Go for it.
mammybean Posts: 10364
i saw them earlier in the littlewoods cataogue. formerly family album. comes as a 2 pack - black and white
lal Posts: 403
I got one last weekend in H&M in the Blanchardstown SC and have worn it to work today and yesterday and find it brilliant. It means I can wear my suit trousers with the buttons open and it works great. Am so glad I found it cos I was beginning to get really fed up cos going up a size didnt really work cos the band was still really tight and then they were too big everywhere else etc and Im not quite big enough for maternity clothes yet (though getting there quickly). This little invention is my new best friend. Cant remember how much it was but it wasnt dear, around €15 I think. I found H&M great for mat clothes, they have great tops and great prices too. HTH L