Belly button pain

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Diddums Posts: 204
Ladies - am almost 20 weeks and have been in agony for the last few hours with a pain in and around my belly button. It's not deep so don't think it's the baby but it's very sore nonetheless. Does anyone know what it is, and is it normal ?
gogogirl Posts: 1071
Hi Diddums, wanted to reply as its not nice to have so many view your post and nobody replying. I put a post up yesterday and got 47 views and no replies. ;o( Ah well. Just to hopefully put your mind at ease, I've been getting that pain and doc says it's my bellybutton being pushed out and its a sore pressure feeling. Keep an eye out for signs of infection though. Ps I'm 19 weeks 5 days so we're due date buddies! :wv
WinterGal Posts: 835
Did you ever have your belly button pierced? I did and the scar caused me a bit of pain when stretching and was sooo itchy.
doolittle Posts: 910
Im just wondering is your belly button going to pop out? Mine hasnt so far but its got very shallow. I think Ive read somewhere that people get the pain in their belly button before it pings :wv
Diddums Posts: 204
Ah thanks girls for the reassurance. Pain has subsided a bit today but BB is definitely looking like it's about to ping any day - dear God, am only 20 weeks, what is the baby doing in there ?! Never had the BB pierced - probably just as well as if I had a BB ring and a popped out BB I'd probably look like one of those bread rolls with the bump on top ! Gogogirl - where are you having your baby ? Am going to Holles St so will keep an eye out if you're there !
newone Posts: 1714
spanish mum Posts: 2468
at about your stage, my belly button developed a black ring all around it...and has stayed like it throughout. mw says its the veins all showing through!!! no pain tho...and at nearly 38weeks my bely button is now numb, and is flat against the belly!! not an innie or an outie!! :o0