belts for after baby is born

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babybuttons Posts: 886
im not sure if i dreamt this but can u get some support tpye belt for after bay is born. i think i read u can and it helps to keep everything together afterwards. or are these just if u have a section
fxfor3 Posts: 2347
hopeforbaby you can get a belt for after a c sec but i think you are on about the corset type things that some celebrities wear apparently it gets you back in shape. I cant remember the name maybe google it. Sorry not really much help am i !
babybuttons Posts: 886
yeah thats what im thinking of the corset type yokes. fair play to u for understanding my orignal post my spelling is shocking. :eek i didnt have a celeb body before pregnancy but u never know i may look like one afterwards by using the belt :o0 (a woman can dream)
brunette Posts: 234
Found this hopeforbaby. I read somewhere that a large tubigrip from the physio department of the hospital your attending does the same thing so might be worth asking for.
Emomc Posts: 2069
Ladies, I ordered two Seraphina ones in size Small/medium. I just want to let you know that I found these impossible to wear as they cut into my skin uncomfortably and I was actually left with scourge/burn type marks against my ribs so I had to stop wearing it. Maybe the bigger size would have been better, that said I am a size 10-12.