Benefits of a Cross Trainer

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MrsBig10 Posts: 2074
Hi I'm getting a cross trainer from a friend who uses it as a clothes hanger. I know that it's good cardio & saves on the gym BUT what areas of my body will see benefit from it?
jezabelle Posts: 607
No pressure on joints as it is low impact, so no injuries, cos legs and arms are moving in a kind of criss-cross way, you work your midsection too. So it tone's all over whilest doing an aerobic exercise which will burn max calories. Thus leaving you fab and trim!! Have to say i love my one, I lost 1 stone in 6 weeks DH lost 4 stone in 3mths!! Oh how id love to be a boy!
bubu Posts: 24
Well done that is great weight loss. How often do you use it a week to lose that kinda weight? I also just got one have use it a few times find it a very good cardio workout.
jezabelle Posts: 607
I use it three thimes a week, I do about 11-14km on it a go it takes about 30mins you should never let the rpm get below 20-25, and should be seriously sweating after! I mean soaked to the bone, thats the only way that you really know that your pushing it and doing a good job!