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MayBee Posts: 346
has any one bought Benjamin Adams shoes for their wedding, I have found a pair that i love but no one seems to have them in stock which means i will have to order them online, so i'm just wondering what the sizing is like, as in is a size 6 a size 6, cos you know how some shoes are a size bigger or smaller, O:|
IndigoMoon Posts: 2842
I had a pair. They are an average size 6. I take 6 in everything
Thumper2010 Posts: 579
I think there is a difference between UK and US shoe size. Click into the attached link. ... Shoes.html You'll see when you choose size (you have to select a colour first), the choices include: Small (UK3-4), EU 36-37 US 5-6 Medium (UK4.5-5.5), EU 37.5-38.5 US 6.5-7.5 Large (UK6-7) , EY 39-40 US 8-9 Extra Large (UK7.5-9) EU 40.5-42.5 US 9.5-11 It seems theres a 2 size difference between UK and US shoe sizes, so as a UK size 5 I'd have to order a US size 7. I'm not sure on this, and I'd say it definitely depends on the shoe and where it is made. I sent an e-mail last week to one of the US shoe internet providers, but I've yet to hear back. I'd advise you do the same before you order. Alternatively try to find somewhere here that stocks them to try them on before you order them. Has anyone else here had experience of ordering shoes on the internet? I'm planning on getting 2 pairs of Pink by Paradox shoes. (Along with this pair of comfy pumps for later on in the night...) :) [img:rsm2018o][/img:rsm2018o] [img:rsm2018o][/img:rsm2018o] [img:rsm2018o][/img:rsm2018o]
Thumper2010 Posts: 579 Found a chart, but if the other poster is correct and they come in UK sizes, you'll be grand. :wv
MayBee Posts: 346
thanks a million girls :thnk :thnk maybebaby - did you find the shoes comfortable, are they worth the money ? I'm hoping that they will be super comfy for the day !!!
elizajane Posts: 631
Hey there - Bliss in Malihide stock them Becareful on the style of shoe - i'm a 41 and was trying on shoes there the other day and when i put the Ben.Adams on i was sure they couldnt be a 41 - checked and they were and the girl in the shop said that that brand have quite a narrow fitting - now i dont have a particularly wide foot - dont notice it when trying on normal shoes but these were defo pinching my toes - these where the ones i tried ... ymour-3916 (sorry cant post pics) here - jsut found a list of stockists - hopefully one will be near you - after trying them on i'd defo recommend you do the same before ordering them online HTH
IndigoMoon Posts: 2842
They are comfy but not super comfy. I did change in different shoes later in the night but I would normally do that at any wedding. Have to agree they are very pricy & a bit sorry I didn't try to soucre a 2nd hand pair. But Hindsight is a great thingg
latika Posts: 153
Elizajane, they are my shoes too! Bought them on Ebay for wait for it £12.00. I normally take a 4, these were a 5 & I thought I'd take a chance for £12.00. They are a tiny bit big but perfect with an insole. Hope the picture works...first try at posting a pic!! [attachment=0:28qbacpv]my shoes.jpg[/attachment:28qbacpv]
elizajane Posts: 631
Wow - loved them too but a size 8 is the biggest they go up to and an 8 was 2 small :o( Some bargin - congrats! And if they are a little big sure ya can always tighten the strap around the back! May you wear them well!! :o)ll