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Benjamin R Bride to be Posts: 3
Hi guys I'm getting married in a Benjamin Roberts style no 930 and see that so too are some of you. It's a lush dress - knew it was right one as soon as I got it on. I've seen a lovely necklace I'm thinking of buying - but i'm not entirely sure whether to wear a necklace or not? I'll be having a subtle gold tiarra and short veil with it. The necklace I've seen is here: ... /Web_GB/en Eternal pearl necklace - Article No: 933116. It comes with matching earrings as well. What do you think? Any advice / other ideas would be gratefully received - as i'm a bit rubbish at this sort of thing and don't want to end up ruining the beauty of the dress! Thanks so much - hope to hear from some of you soon.
Benjamin R Bride to be Posts: 3
Doh! Just reaslised link didn't work - it should be: ... /Web_GB/en (If you click on bridal jewerelly, it's the necklace in the top right corner of page i'm thinking of).
glowgal Posts: 949
Im not getting that dress but I did try it on. Im sorry but I don't like that necklace at all, I think its too fussy looking. I think something more simple would suit the dress better. [img:3fe9n4jh][/img:3fe9n4jh]
bumble Posts: 1980
I wore that dress to my wedding in Jan. I bought a swarovski pendant necklace but ended up going with nothing. As soon as I had my hair trial i knew nothing would work best for me but took my necklace to my first fitting anyhow and knew it was a no. I wore drop earrings as they were a gift from DH years ago so maybe if i'd gone for smaller earrings. But i do agree that the necklace you are thinking of is too fussy for that dress. There's a lot of detail in that dress and i think that necklace may take away from it. So maybe go for something very simple?
snowy1 Posts: 51
Hi there, Im having that dress to and havent decided on jewellery, but I think simple pearls might be very classy. I might not wear anything on my neck but if i do it will be simple. I agree that the swarovski one is a bit fussy - you want the attention to be on the dress! Good Luck
Benjamin R Bride to be Posts: 3
Thank for the replies... so far! I appreciate all your honesty. The pic doesn't do the neckalce justice at all, but I think I knew deep down that it was a bit fussy too. I'm used to wearing a necklance every day so think i'd feel nacked without one - but then again when the tiara, veil, hair etc is all on i'm gonna feel different anyway. Let me know if you find anything nice. My dress is arriving at the end of June so I'm frantically trying to loose another half stone before then. Have you chosen your bouquets yet? I'm thinking of a simply trailing, ellegant orchid bouquet but I'm getting mixed reactions form family. Some say it's too simple and that i'd need somthing brighter/more exotic looking to stand out (nb: i'm quite fair. B'maids are wearing fuschia pink). Currently thinking of b'maids having a few simple but effective flowers like green anthirium, white rose and fuschia gloriosa lillies.