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Positive2 Posts: 216
Hi all. Just wondering what would be the best bottles to buy. I have heard of Tommy Tipee,Avent and Dr Brown. So many mixed reviews just thought I would put it out there see if any of you can highly recommend. Also were is best value to buy for them and sterliser? Thanks.x
annonTTCer Posts: 532
hi pet, bought the tommee tippee on the advice of the local nursery shop as the girl seemes to knowleagedbale havent used them yet though i got the tommee tippee steam steriliser on sale in sam mcacaulyas for 39.99 (rrp is 59.99 i think), the set includes 2 samll bottles, 2 full sized, 1 soother, thongs, brush, and 6 powder dispensers got the bottles on sale in argos for 12.50 for 6 full sized bottles, that offer is over now though but might arise again, i'm keeping an eye on the site think mothercare had sales in the avent range recently. not sure if they are still on offer
Delphinium Posts: 3027
I got my Tommee Tippee starter set online from Toys R Us for very good money. I think it was around £60 for the steriliser, 6 small bottles, 6 milk powder pots, bottle warmer, 2 insulated bottle bags, teat tongs, bottle brush and a soother. It was a great package. They have a similar package for Avent. The exchange rate is not as good as last year but I think it still works out good value. My bottles are still going strong and I never had any problems. Now I did BF for nearly 4 months but I was giving EBM from TT bottles nearly every day from 6 weeks old.