Best Bridal Shops Dublin and Drogheda??

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mrsclaus Posts: 274
Hi Girls So I have one day to do some shops in Drogheda in Dublin so want to get a good variety Was thinking of trying to do four shops am I mad Want to go to Protocol in Drogheda And then Kathy De Stafford and Myrtle Ivory in Dublin I think? Are these good shops to go to or is there any others you think have a good variety and nice experiences in Thanks
lulu126 Posts: 1095
I think it's a bit much to try and do both Dublin and Drogheda in one day to be honest. If you're going to Drogheda there's 4 shops that all the girls on here seem to rave about: The Bridal Studio, Edel Tuite, Frilly Frocks and Ophelia. I went to the Bridal Studio myself and they were absolutely amazing. Moreland in Dublin also have a beautiful selection of dresses and I found them helpful when I went in there. Happy dress hunting!
2013bride13 Posts: 424
I went to Drogheda and in my third shop found my Dream dress, Edel Tuite and frily frocks were amazing very disappointed with another well known store. You will find it very hard to keep goig around and if you find your dress like me then u end up cancelling all o them hah good luck
Sheatsea Posts: 63
Ophelia is a fab shop and Aoife the owner is amazing. I visited 4 shops in drogheda and Aoife was the most honest and welcoming , she also does all her own alterations Dara in Frilly Frocks comes a close second Have Fun
AwkwardAnnie Posts: 2191
There are FIVE shops in Drogheda - so its a great place to go Dress shopping! Theres Edel Tuite, Protocol, Ophelia Bridal, Frilly Frocks and The Bridal Studio In my hunt I visited Ophelia Bridal, Frilly Frocks and The Bridal Studio and I was very impressed with all three. The Bridal Studio were a little pushy if anything... I got my dress in Ophelia - I was so happy with Aoife, she was so nice and honest and down to earth and had the dress that no other shop came close!
mollyb1 Posts: 22
Finally got my dress in the bridal studio last week. Found them lovely, especially laura and not pushy at all. Frilly frocks and ophelia bridal also have lovely dresses. Didnt go to protocol. In dublin would reccommend Kathy de Stafford was amazing, also liked Mooreland great selection of beautiful dresses. I would reccommend not going to more than 3shops. Its very overwhelming and by the end of the day you'l be so drained that you might not realise a gorgeous dress by the 4th shop. Happy shopping!
colliegirl Posts: 37
yes agress with others Edel Tuite, Ophelia, Frilly Frocks & Bridal Studio are all the 4 that I would go to in Drogheda. I did 3 in Drogheda in one day & it was pretty full on.. 4 could be bit tough going.. but they are all so nice in the shops you gonna have so much fun anyway :) I just ordered my dress in Opelia yesterday.. yay!!
twinkletoes2408 Posts: 7
Bridal Corner Glasnevin in Dublin is a must! Amazing dresses :)
Char27 Posts: 376
I went to Protocol, The Bridal Studio, Frilly Frocks and Ophelia in Drogheda and found Frilly Frocks and Ophelia the best with a brilliant selection
gwenf Posts: 101
Don't forget amazing shoe shops & mother of groom /bride shops - drogheda really is the wedding capital! I know I live here!