best buggy for newborn

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tinkerbel2010 Posts: 57
hi girls ive looked at so so many buggies and im still none the wiser. I know everyone will have their own preference but would appreciate a few opinions basically im looking for something really light weight but can handle walks on beaches etc, was looking at phil and ted smart but there very little storage space for bags etc have big car so storage not a problem all suggestions appreciated thanks in advance O-O
Roxet Posts: 220
Hey, i havent much advice for you as i am still looking myself but i know how confusing it is!! i need something that fits into my vw beetle boot and i want something light but i dont want to pay over €1k for it.... im doing reviews online to see what people are saying but i know its hard cos there are just soooo many. And each brand have about 4-5 different models!!!
breeze Posts: 1175
I was the same with buggies. We got this and have to say it is so light and easy to push. The pram, car seat and buggy all come off with a click of one button. ... 1e60deee5c