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chicam Posts: 1169
Hi, as I'm nearing the end of my pregnancy (well, still a little while to go but most of my major pregnancy shopping has been done!) I thought it might be good to make a list of some of the best buys during pregnancy for new-comers to the P&B forum. This isn't baby stuff....this is purely [u:1cjycwzu]mammy[/u:1cjycwzu] stuff! :o0 I'm not trying to endorse any products from anywhere in particular, but have noted where I got the stuff in case anyone wants to get them but am sure if you shop around you'll find the same products everywhere! [b:1cjycwzu]Wedge Support Pillow[/b:1cjycwzu] (mothercare) - brilliant for more comfortable sleeps during pregnancy, I got one at 20 wks & don't go anywhere without it! [b:1cjycwzu]Bump Belt [/b:1cjycwzu](mothercare) - got this right at beginning of pregnancy but hasn't been useful until about 28 wks onwards when I got very big & seat belt in car kept riding up over bump, the belt keeps it down. V comfy. [b:1cjycwzu]Gym Ball [/b:1cjycwzu](argos) - got one of these at 30 wks & wish I'd gotten it sooner, v comfy if you've a sofa like mine which is low & hard to get off! And also if you're suffering from back pain. [b:1cjycwzu]Maternity knickers[/b:1cjycwzu] (moda @ mothercare) - I was under the impression you didn't need to get new pants but found my normal ones were getting a bit small & a bit tight. Bought just a bigger size in Primark but the elastics were still too tight & uncomfortable so bought knickers in mothercare - so stretchy & comfy, yes you pay a bit more for them but they're good quality & the comfiest I've worn in a long time! [b:1cjycwzu]Pronatal multivitamins & omega 3[/b:1cjycwzu] (any pharmacy) - I suffered with hyperemesis for 6 mths so taking these at least gave my body nutrients I wasn't getting from food I wasn't eating! Have kept taking them & they're recommended post-birth for breastfeeding. Contain omega 3 for brain development & folic acid. [b:1cjycwzu]Maternity tracksuit bottoms[/b:1cjycwzu] (new look) - invest in a comfy pair of trackie bottoms, even if they're not maternity. By the time you get quite big you'll not be so comfy in your maternity jeans & want to lounge about in trackie bottoms, I've 2 pairs and since I've gotten big I live in them! That's all for now, perhaps more ppl would like to add to my list of their best buys! Hope it's useful for new BFP-ers! O-O
madhatter01 Posts: 495
Very helpful info was looking for the trackie bottoms and couldnt find any. Many thanks and best of luck!!! O-O
whackywoman Posts: 1496
[quote="chicam":1nfyq3ow][b:1nfyq3ow]Wedge Support Pillow[/b:1nfyq3ow] (mothercare) - brilliant for more comfortable sleeps during pregnancy, I got one at 20 wks & don't go anywhere without it![/quote:1nfyq3ow] that was also by far my best buy and it defintely helped me sleep at night plus I used it during labour to lean against so that gave me some relief. weekendbreak away with DH a few weeks before DD was born - nice to get away with just the two of us as we will never not be parents again unsalted cashew nuts - quite bizare but was my staple snack when I was pregnant. brain dead this evening so can't think of anything else.
lambnose Posts: 915
I found the bump bands great. I hated the thought of flashing my pregnant belly skin to anyone so these proved to be worth their weight in gold. New look sell them in a pack of two for a fiver I think.
tinyfairy Posts: 1536
I couldn't live without: 1) [b:58i9iw2n]Belly belts [/b:58i9iw2n]from the pregnancy store. Meant I could wear my normal trousers in work for months and months! Just had to cover the belt with a [b:58i9iw2n]belly band [/b:58i9iw2n]- best belly band was bought in Top shop. Really kept it's elasticity and I'm still wearing it now. Really recommend both to be used together. You can buy belly bands in New Look too - 9euro for a pack of 3 I think. 2) [b:58i9iw2n]Body pillow [/b:58i9iw2n]- Bought it in Argos. If I had it back I probably would have spent a little bit extra on one in Mothercare or a Maternity Shop. It went a little flat but is still a life saviour in bed each night!!! 3) [b:58i9iw2n]Santuary Mum to Be products from Boots [/b:58i9iw2n]- my skin went so dry, especially after a bath and shower and a really good mosturiser is essential. Nivea and those brands are too runny, you need something thick that you can spread on! My DH bought me the most fabulous purple box set with mosturiser, stretch mark oil, bath salts, oil shower lotion - it was the best present I got during my pregnancy! 4) [b:58i9iw2n]Linen Trousers [/b:58i9iw2n]- could never ever get trackie bottoms to fit me! I know they have them in Dorothy Perkins too (or did a few months ago). You can only stay comfortable in jeans for so long, linen trousers were so light and I plan on wearing them home from hospital - bought 4 pairs and have worn them to death! 5) [b:58i9iw2n]Bodyshop Cooling Leg Gel and Footspray [/b:58i9iw2n]- unbelievable stuff for tired, worn out legs! Helped with swelling too. You must get it, fabulous stuff!!!! 6) [b:58i9iw2n]Gym Ball [/b:58i9iw2n]- Black Reebok one from Argos. Best buy ever! I suffer with SPD and the weight this ball takes off your pelvis is unbelievable. The physio girl in the Rotunda recommended it and it's been a saviour! 7) [b:58i9iw2n]Really comfy & attractive PJ's[/b:58i9iw2n]! - So nice to hop on the couch after a hard day in really comfy pj's that you feel good in. Nice for sitting in with DH eating chinese!!!! I hope this list helps girls, one piece of advise is to indulge in nice things when pregnant! It's a hard time and all these little extra bits really help you along, indulge in some nice body products, it'll make you feel great! Enjoy x BC x :lvs
roxychick Posts: 1802
I agree with the wedge pillow, helped me sleep much better. Also the gym ball for my back and a tens machine for early labour. Found it really good
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
Totally agree with the gym ball. I had a lot of back pain and a horrible pain under my ribs from 20wks on. This was the only place I could get comfortable. Towards the end I found the only thing I could get comfortable in were trakkie bottoms. I went and bought a really good pair in Dunnes, that didn't really look like trakkies and ended wearing them to work for the last week. Soooooo comfy.
oirish Posts: 1541
Nursing Sleep bras from mothercare were one of my best buys. They are cotton stretchy almost wrap around style bras and I wore them at night for the last month and for the duration of breastfeeding at night. So very comfy - would even wear them when not pregnant at night for a bit extra support.
MUMS THE WORD Posts: 733
great post ladies - thanks.... just very curious to find out what exactly you all did with the gym balls???? is it for excercising or were ye using it as a pillow support - sorry if this is a stupid question - i'm slightly brain dead today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
chicam Posts: 1169
Hi Mums the Word - with the gym ball I kind of use it as a substitute seat in my living room to be honest. My couch is quite low & getting off it and getting comfy in it is impossible so while watching TV I just sit on the gym ball and bounce up and down on it. I'm planning on using it post-birth as a proper exercise ball (you get an exercise sheet with most of them) for losing the weight! Not expensive in Argos, I got a black reebok one as it comes with an attachment you can use with a bicycle pump to pump it up.