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007Babs Posts: 417
Girls, I was thinking it might be an idea to start something like the Best Buys section they have on Rollercoaster, only we would have to do it in thread format. Baby paraphenalia is such a mine field (to me anyway!), so maybe we could all help each other out with recommendations on items we found useful, particularly existing mams who have been through it all already. We could ask Fiona to make it a sticky. What do you all think? That said, there might be some 'rule' about recommending one product over another...
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
Think that's a really good idea Babs. I know I'd definitely find it useful. I can't recommend anything yet though - sorry!
madmam Posts: 1294
That sounds like a great idea - I don't like Rollercoaster, I find it hard to navigate.
speedy55 Posts: 512
great idea. i've found this site excellent too
007Babs Posts: 417
Oh that's really good Speedy - thanks! I will get on to Fiona about putting it as a sticky and we will see how it goes.