Best deal on Quinny Buzz 3????

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caoimh Posts: 479
Hi have decided on the buggy i want to buy!! Just wondering can anyone recommend a website or shop for the best deal on a Quinny buzz 2009 in greystone???? Looking for all the accessories that accompany it.........
sunnygirl Posts: 1876
i think eurobabies are doing a good deal at the moment ... roduct=479 i got mine from £618 sterling for everything.
Princess_Jessabell Posts: 291
mothercare online and shop are doing the whole package for 750. tony kealys are doing it for 765 and eurobaby have it for 650 but the car seat base is not included.
caoimh Posts: 479
thanks a million, how did you find kiddicare to deal with?? did it take long for you to get your order??
MINI DONKEY Posts: 2499
Princess_Jessabell Posts: 291
i want to buy mine from a shop in case anything goes wrong with it. i dont want to be packing the thing up and sending it in the post to get it fixed, i'd rather have a shop to bring it back to!
sunnygirl Posts: 1876
i found kiddicare brilliant. i bought loads and it all arrived within 3 days. i'm gong to place another order with them now in a few weeks for the cot and the rest of the bits i need! delivery is only 20 or 30 pound (can't remember!) but that is for everything you buy. with the mothercare quinny deal, it is only for the black quinny. not sure how much the other colours are.
duncwilson Posts: 4
We bought our from toffee apple - good price & arrived next day [url:12rg5yit][/url:12rg5yit]
Emme Posts: 4735
Kiddicare were great, ordered mine on a wednesday and got it on a friday, and a nice free gift! ... iption_tab
Princess_Jessabell Posts: 291
i ordered mine today in tony kealys :o)ll