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yippeeme Posts: 2139
I couldn't believe those outfits won, i was there on thursday and there were way nicer outfits on the day i thought! The best dressed was nice but i thought the headpiece made it too much it was all samey, too matchy imo. The horse hat was ridiculous and she was walking really funnily with it on like she was literally balancing it on her head, as if it might fall off any second! Wasn't too keen on glenda gilson's outfit that day either, black and red, wasn't too into it! Red shoes were totally different red to the dress![attachment=0:1xkaom4t]6010885283_e9b405b16e[1].jpg[/attachment:1xkaom4t]
FunnyFace Posts: 225
I have to agree. There was a girl there in a stunning black and red ensemble who didn't even make the top ten. Its very subjective I suppose.
ott Posts: 3920
[quote="Jane Smith":2hr17div]I wonder too paperclips. Brendan Courtney has been a judge at the Killarney, Galway and now Dublin Best Dressed days. I definitely saw that same hat worn in Galway last week and it's not one you're likely to forget!! I'm not sure if it made the finals in Galway - maybe it did - but then it wins a week later in Dublin? The judges are seeing the same outfits and hats over and over again.[/quote:2hr17div] Brendan Courtney had such an attitude at Galway, he couldn't have been more disinterested. He no more wanted to scout around for finalists, I heard him say to Marietta Doran, "Can I just pick you???" So, he probably didn't even see all the fashion at Galway. I don't think the horse hat made the finalists in Galway - there were 50 of us though so hard to remember. The winner of best dressed at the horse show was there I'm sure, and she wasn't a finalist. There is a profile of her in the current issue of Image magazine - there's a piece on Ireland's best design students. It's all luck, the judges are never consistent, I really think they couldn't give a **** half the time. Then sometimes scouts pick the finalists with is silly, they can have completely different taste to the judges. So everyone recycles their outfits - you just don't know when you're going to get lucky with it! I can understand the horse hat winning the prize at the horse show - remember the prize is for "most creative hat" not "best hat".
ott Posts: 3920
[quote="the bees knees":2quxklt9]Just once Id love to see someone wear an outfit from Oasis, shoes from Dunnes, maybe a bag from pennies and a fascinator from Debenhams like most of us mere mortals :compress[/quote:2quxklt9] Bar the fascinator from Debenhams, I've worn all of the above to the races. Winning outfits frequently incorporate bags from Penneys! People have an impression that most of the best dressed outfits are designer, designer, designer, but trust me, they're not.
mon amie Posts: 1
[quote="MLeFleuffe":2hogbzwy]Anyone know where Carol Kennedy got her red dress? I would love a dress in that shape![/quote:2hogbzwy] Hi Carol got that dress from our store in Killarney. you can find us on facebook or The Fashion Shed. Thank You, we are delighted you loved the dress :)