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sunny505 Posts: 1807
Hey girlies, Could you post your favourite engagement pressie for me. One of my friends got engaged :o)ll and can't think what to get her. We got lots and lots of frames, mugs, cups, glasses, candles, nothing that really stand out. Anyone get anything they absolutely loved??
mrsgameover Posts: 383
Got a giant pig - piggy bank - with for richer for poorer on the side of it from the kids. Was for us to start our wedding fund in. He has pride of place in the sitting room :o0
Mrs2babridesoon Posts: 3319
I think the piggy bank was a lovely fun idea! We got the usually, h2b family were the best thou, we got loads of kitchen stuff! Vouchers etc. Without knowing the couple its hard to suggest, we had only moved into our house so we so appreciated the kitchen stuff. :wv
Princess Lisa Posts: 379
we got a lovely money pot as well with honeymoon written on it - it's jam packed with €2 coins which we've been putting in for the last 18 mths.
hollywoodbride Posts: 1341
We kind loads of different thing I love candles so what about a nice yankee Wedding Candle and the nice stands that you can get with them :lvs :lvs Or if you want to spend some more money what about a Vochure for the fav restrauant as they will be saving for there wedding now so they can have a nice night out ..
Pink Lady 84 Posts: 101
Hi Girls; just throwing this out there so please dont kill me ;o( but we are having an engagment party and telling everyone that comes to not bring anything. In todays climate to expect people to give you a present for your engagement and then to fork out for your wedding aswell as accom, new out fit etc...we thought was taking the mick. We have been to engagment parties in the past and it always annoyed us having to give something knowing full well we would be giving something else at their wedding. One present/gift should eb enough for any couple Just my tuppence worth anyway
nee Posts: 81
Hi girls, We got lots of lovely gifts for our engagement. I was so surprised as I really didn't think engagement presents were a big deal!!! Anywho some of the stuff we got: One for all Vouchers from An Post. Cash Vouchers for local restaurants which were great as we could enjoy a night out without feeling guilty! A Nespresso Coffee maker which is used every day without fail! Frames Champagne Glasses and Champagne. Picture. One of the nicest was from h2b's sister. she told us to be ready at a certain time and have our glad rags on! she collected us and drove us to a restaurant in a nearby village and had a table booked for us with champagne. The staff in restaurant were so nice! Then her husband collected us and dropped us back into town at the pub!! Hope this helps :wv
bubbled Posts: 79
some of our favourites were, meal vouchers and a willow tree figurine "together" its called its beautiful. We also got the willow tree figure in a cake topper, a cake cutting set, champagne glasses and a fancy newbridge pen and holder for the wedding registed, I though these gifts were really thoughtful, we'll get to use them on the day and it saves is the expense of getting them, guest book / candles could be another option, but you may want to check colour scheme or run it by your friend, but the pen you could defo do, we loved all our gifts but those really stood out! another suggestion would be a hamper with some champers, choccies, maybe a wedding planning book or something, we did one for H2B brother and they loved it!
babydays Posts: 708
Best were vouchers for local restaurants and cinema, waterford crystal vase and glasses that i did ask for (family). But the best of the best was what our our friends got us. A frame with a picture of us in it taken the night we met and a voucher to stay in the hotel of the nightclub where we met. When we got to the room they had arranged for a bottle of bubbly. So thoughtful. But if I see another picture frame or wine glass I'll go mad. Such a waste of peoples money. We got 10 frames (all not to our taste) and wait for it - drum roll please - 84 wine glasses. Some have been re-gifted already and some of H2Bs family actually bought glasses from us even though i said they could have them for free.
Rosey Roo Posts: 80
Hiya We got lots of lovely engagement pressies but a friend of mine gave us 2 galway crystal champers glasses - one with "Bride" "RoseyRoo" and the wedding date and the other with "Groom" "X" and the wedding date. They are fab and we can use them on our big day. Just thought they were really nice *)