Best equipment in gym to make tummy disappear?

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Desert-Moon Posts: 1174
Whats the best equipment to use? I thought rowing machine would be good, but just wondering if anyone has got rid of a big tummy, and how did they do it??? I want to tone up, as have put on serious weight recently, but have big event in 3 weeks and was wondering whats the best exercise to be doing? I guess sit-ups, but any other ideas??? Thanks :wv
gone elsewhere Posts: 1780
It's probably not what you want to hear, but you can't 'spot reduce'. Doing sit-ups or crunches is no use unless you lose fat first. The best thing for that is running, or if you're not into the treadmill, the crosstrainer. But you'd really want to be going at it hard. Once you've started to burn fat you can work on the muscles underneath. You could have the strongest core muscles in your abdomen but won't be able to see them unless the fat's gone first! I'd definitely ask a trainer in your gym for advice. Best of luck!
mrs van Posts: 210
I find cutting out bread/pasta and drinking loads of water is excellent for making my tummy reduce. Agree with Lois
Youagain Posts: 576
Agree with two posters above. Run ! Use the treadmill preferably as it's better for losing weight. Alternatively road run or if you have grass near you that's even better. When you lose the weight, and start to work on you tummy the best exercises are situps of various types. You work different areas of your tummy depending on the position of your legs. The exercise is about using your tummy muscles to raise the weight of your own body. Every gym instructor I've met reccommends free situps as better than any machine. There are at least 5-6 variations that they can show you.
wooby Posts: 685
swiss ball is the best for flattening the tummy
Angel! Posts: 1494
I agree with the above. Must lose fat before working on muscles. I have also put on a lot of weight recently and was a bit upset on Saturday when I ordered my dress, and they're getting me a 16. I used to be a 10 - 12... The only thing about running, is that it is better to do a fast walk, or slow run for longer period of time, rather than belting it for a short time. A personal trainer told me that if you run fast, you are working outside the fat burning zone. So, you are improving fitness, but not burning fat. To burn the fat, you have to keep your heart rate slower and do it for longer. Heart rate should be at 60% - 70% of max in order to be in the 'fat burning zone'. Subtract your age from 220 and this is your max. Now work out 60% and 70% of this, and that is what your HR should be to burn fat.... e.g. I am 28 so my Max HR is (220-28) = 192 60% of this is 115.2 and 70% is 134.4 So in order to burn fat, I have to keep my HR between 115 and 134 Hope this helps....