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Mrs.G Posts: 1828
girls, never thought it would come to this, where I am spending some much time agonising over this purchase ! But I am wondering which are the best mat sanitary towels to get. I know someone had mentined Dr. Whites to me, but when I saw them in the chemist I got a bit of a shock... they are looped! So I ended up going to boots and buying their brand... now I am wondering if they are any good... ... please forgive my pregnancy hormones for forcing me to give this matter so much thought!!
ellee Posts: 666
The midwives at our ante natal class recommended the big green ones you see in the chemists. I bought two packs, they're v nappy like, am dreading the thought of wearing them! Have granny like knicks to go with them - o bliss!
Marpat Posts: 1784
Hey there, Yeah the midwives recommend those ones that are green and they are good because nothing can escape!!!! However after my DS was born, I found the mothercare ones the best as I had stitches and they added a bit of padding when sitting down!!! To the berst of my knowledge teh boots ones are similar to these.
problemchild Posts: 196
I didn't like the green ones. Had to use them in the hospital cos who knew that the waters would only trickle out over a couple of hours (sorry TMI). I use the mothercare ones and I second that they gave me great support. I had stitches so used them for about two weeks after. (again sorry TMI)
mumsy2 Posts: 62
i found the green ones the best of all but a few days later when i came home i switched to my always ultra allnights. i had bought the tesco ones but was using 3 at a time.
coconut Posts: 2183
my friend told me to get the boots ones as they are what she found the best
silíní Posts: 4219
The big green ones are by far the best!! You won't believe the amount of bleeding you will do so you need something VERY absorbent. I used lots of these and also for a few weeks after coming home. Sprinkle them with distilled witch hazel to help healing for the few days after the birth too = found this fantastic and its my top tip for all my friends having babies!
roxychick Posts: 1802
Yeah I found the big green ones great for the heavy bleeding. I used the mothercare ones then and found them really comfy. Had a lot of stitches
mrsmrs Posts: 50
The green ones are by far the best they can be got in chemists shops. After giving birth the midwife got me to use two of them. I had bought 5-6 packs of the boots ones and they didnt go to waste - what i did is use the green ones then down to the boots ones then to always towels and then down to panty liners . Would recommended to bought about 4 packs of the green ones to start off with. The secret is to shower "the area" a couple of times a day and to change the pad on a regular basic. Hope this helps[/b]
wedjul05 Posts: 5673
Go with the big green one's. Like mrsmrs, I used 2 pads in the hosp, you will need it with the amount of bleeding. I am going to get a good few packs. I did use the boots mat pads as I had a show 1/2 days before hand and I was glad I had these. As things got heavier in the hosp tho, they gave me the green one's.