Best (non cash) wedding presents received

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Re: Best (non cash) wedding presents received

Postby katygirl » Tue Aug 05, 2014 9:17 am

I got a stunning giles norman photo of Kinsale where we spent our honeymoon. I always smile when I see it on our bedroom wall.

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Re: Best (non cash) wedding presents received

Postby laurawhite » Wed May 27, 2015 9:12 am

Last month, I had to attend to my friend's wedding and I think of those special gifts for them. I choose to give painting, not so big, but it's quite beautiful.

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Re: Best (non cash) wedding presents received

Postby Cakeybride » Wed May 27, 2015 10:09 am

lulu126 wrote:One of the best presents we received was 2 Samsonite suitcases! Such a great and useful gift and perfect timing for our honeymoon (especially since DH normally borrows one off his sister!). We were delighted with them.


Two Samsonite suitcases were the first things my OH bought with some cash gifts we got! We LOVE them!

Close friends of my OH got us a beautiful painting of the Church in Rome we got married in. My cousins got us an aeriel B&W print of my home area as it's v. close to my heart.

Also received a night and dinner in Dromoland Castle so using that this Christmas. :o)ll Got restaurant vouchers for our favourite restaurant.

Also got lots of cake and cooking related things which were really appreciated as we are both into that a lot....including a gorgeous wooden serving board with our initials and the date of our wedding engraved on it. That guest also gave us a beautiful Newbridge Silver 'wedding cake' knife.

And we got a few bottles of really good Italian red wines as that where's we got married.

We were thrilled with all of our gifts...people had obviously put a lot of thought into them. :heartbeat:

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Re: Best (non cash) wedding presents received

Postby craftyPB » Wed May 27, 2015 10:18 am

We got such beautiful things!

Friends of my parents got us a lovely Irish frame "gra, dilseacht, cairdeas" I love having a bit of Irish in the house.
A uni friend of mine got us a personalized chopping board that I adore!
Work colleagues of my father got us suitcases that were perfect for honeymoon - we had always borrowed before!

My bridesmaid got us two beautiful Galway crystal vases, saying she wanted me to receive flowers and say to my children, let's use the vase x gave mummy on her wedding day, which I love.

A cousin got us a huge hamper filled with pasta, a pasta maker, Italian recipe books, spaghetti measure, Italian chocolates, prosecco, personalized wooden spoons, garlic peeler etc to honour our honeymoon in Italy.

My bridesmaid's mum got us a lovely big people frame which is so cool!

But my two favourite gifts were personalized frames. One is a print in the shape of a house with our names, date of birth, jobs, address, wedding date and some wedding phrases (to have and to hold, live laugh love, happily ever after etc) and the other is a Christine Gorman piece - we've bought her pieces for a few weddings, so we're delighted to get one for our wedding! She does amazing collages using details the buyer gives about the couple - every time I look at it I see something different!

We had a gift list which is where about a third of the gifts came from, another third was cash and I love that the remaining third put so much thought and effort into their gifts!

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Re: Best (non cash) wedding presents received

Postby caz28 » Sun May 31, 2015 7:37 pm

My aunt is one of the few female stonemasons in Ireland. She gave us a marble pig hand carved from a piece of Kilkenny marble. It's extra special to me as Kilkenny is my hometown. A lot of love and time goes into her pieces and they sell for quiet a lot of money but to us it is priceless.
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Re: Best (non cash) wedding presents received

Postby mimojo » Wed Nov 18, 2015 4:02 pm

We got mainly cash gifts, and a few other ones, including:

Hotel voucher for hotel where I had my hen, which includes a spa
€150 voucher for a lovely local French restaurant
Personalised timber memory box with our names and date of our wedding on it, absolutely gorgeous
Framed picture with our names and wedding date in scrabble tiles
Painting from a relative that they had done themselves and gotten framed
We also got about €600 worth of One for all Vouchers. We found it really handy as we had a shopping trip after our wedding and used them up, otherwise that money would have just gone into a bill, savings etc, though it was a nice gesture
Arnotts Voucher
Hotel gave us voucher for the hotel to come back and stay and have dinner on our first anniversary, or anytime really
Set of knives which are brilliant as Im mad into cooking, would never have justified buying them for myself
Some lovely crystal items, a bronze statue, photo frames, few sets of glasses and Newbridge Cutlery

Was delighted with them all!

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Re: Best (non cash) wedding presents received

Postby twinny » Wed Nov 18, 2015 9:05 pm

One of my favorites was a voucher for a 3D hand sculpture. Our left hands are entwined and it shows our wedding rings. Its bronze and framed and the voucher included for girl to call to house to do cast and to hand deliver when made.

Another was a memory box. I had never seen one before and was able to get front page from a newspaper, a thank you card, menu etc. to keep in this box. The are not expensive but it meant a lot to me.

We also got sculpture of a man and woman hugging that I love :heartbeat:


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