best place for spray tan in Galway please?

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Anonymous Posts: 24542
Could someone please recommend a good place for spray tan in Galway? I normally fake bake myself but obviously don't want to take any chances for the big day. Would like to find somewhere so I could leave enough time for a trial session as well. any help would be really appreciated... Thanks.
AmyK Posts: 15
Hi, I have booked mine with Studio 4. 091 585552. The are situated in Drum House, Drum East in Rahoon. I had my makeup trial there and they were excellent. I have to have my tan trial yet, but I am confident it will be good. Might be worth a try for you? :wv
Das Kitty Posts: 452
Don't go to Chartbusters! I'll be sussing out some tan places soon so I'll let you now.
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Thanks, thats great. Is there any one out there thats actually had a spray tan, shureley shomeone????
Pheebs Posts: 1102
I'm going for my tan trial soon at a place at the Kingfisher Club in Renmore...the name of it escapes me at the moment. They have a choice of a few types. I'll let you know how I get on.
Anonymous Posts: 24542
thanks Pheebs would really appreciate that.
mia mya Posts: 285
Hi! Fifth avenue in Liosban business park (on tuam rd) are absolutely brilliant for spray tans. Like you, I normally do my own tan but I tried a couple of spray tans for weddings (californian and sun fx). Both were DISASTERS. Went to fifth avenue on my sister's recommendation and it was fab. They use a tan called fantasy tan and there are 4 different shades. The girl asked what tan I normally use myself cos she wanted to know what kind of colour I was after. She picked out the perfect tan for me. I honestly thought I'd do my own tan for my wedding after my previous spray tan disasters but I have to say this place has restored my faith in spray tans! Hope this helps. P.S. their number is 091-764755 - I don't know any of their names but I've dealt with 3 different girls and all 3 were lovely.
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Thanks marvid, I'm going to a friends wedding next week so might give them a go for that! I was beginning to wonder if anyone had been fake tanned in Galway at all!
maidmarian Posts: 280
Elizabeth C in the city are brill
Anonymous Posts: 24542
am actually big fan of them also maidmarian, often get my eyelashes tinted there and I do like their facials. What kind of spray tan do they use? and how much is it? Thanks