best pregnancy book?

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y!ppee Posts: 36
hi girls - mad to read everything pregnancy related :o0 just wondering if any of you can recommend a good pregnancy book that covers all that needs covering :thnk
susie12 Posts: 75
Hi Y!ppee, First of all CONGRATULATIONS. :o)ll My doctor recommended What To Expect When you Are Expecting. I think it answers nearly every question that you would have.Its like my little pregnancy bible. :wv
Mahal Posts: 86
I second What to expect when ur expecting - covers off everything! And they continue on to What to expect the first year/ toddler years etc so very very handy!
y!ppee Posts: 36
thanks girls - off to amazon now - cant wait to get reading :o)ll
woggie Posts: 830
I love the pregnancy bible - covers it all including diet & exercise and a section for the daddies as well as all the usual body changes and problems you encounter during pg :wv