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PDLT3 Posts: 7
Can you please give me a recomendation of a present i could get my better half for when she has the baby (due in 8 weeks). I know i'm really lazy and unimaginative but i thought you guys would know best. I was thinking of a small mp3 player as i got her a 40GB creative about a year ago and she complains its as big as a walkman so defeats the purpose. I'd be grateful for better suggestions. I've been dropping hints that i'd like a PS3, but she says i don't get a present. Is she only joking.... surely i get something too? Thanks
irish bride Posts: 558
Hi there, I can't quite imagine her having time to sit down with an MP3 player when the baby comes along, instead you should get her something personal and thoughtful for when the baby arrives. Personally speaking, I think a nice bit of jewellery would work! xxx
rock-n-roll-wife Posts: 6579
how about a nice piece of jewellery like a ring with the birthstone of your new baby in it? i wouldnt be too upset if you don't get a present...after all you're not the one who's been carrying a sack of spuds around for 9 months solid! ;) xxx kim xx
mad woman Posts: 22106 eternity ring, you're supposed to get one after your first baby anyway and maybe a voucher for where she gets her hair done /beauty treatments etc.
woonoo Posts: 78
Eternity ring deffo! Oh, and a cleaner for six months!!! :D
PDLT3 Posts: 7
Thanks all, I'll get her a piece of jewellery and a voucher for some spa treatments. Good thinking about the mp3 player, if she cant hear the baby cry..... i'll have to get up.....phew!