Best Thigh Exercise?

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adelz Posts: 3088
Hi all, wondering whats the best exercise for thighs! I find that when I put on weight it goes straight to my thighs, so would love to hear from you on this!
Decemberbride2013 Posts: 125
I'm the same I find walking,squats and lunges very good at helping to slim down the thighs. :)
adelz Posts: 3088
Super thanks, off for the mth so going try get dh out with me in the eves see if we can fit in lovely walk!
Bond Brothers Posts: 68
Hi Adelz Nothing beats squats and walking lunges for exercising your Thighs. You can even do these at home so no need for gym memberships :) Brendan
lindsgal11 Posts: 23
There are many different exercises you can do to tone up your thighs. I personally use a [url=]stability ball[/url:1ko36qol] to help with toning my thighs. I use it for wall squats, hamstring roll-ins, and a bunch of other moves that target the thighs.
Barry123 Posts: 5
Walking, Sprinting and adding hills or an incline can burn 180 calories in 30 minutes, bicycling and Swimming of 30 minutes can burn 400 to 500 calories......
Hen2013 Posts: 9
Hi, you should get the Davina McCall superbody workout DVD, it is full of lunges&squats & has done wonders for my bum&thighs :yelrotflmaosmilie:
adelz Posts: 3088
Thanks def will look into those and that DVD
adelz Posts: 3088
Thanks just started 30 day shred. So hopefully that'll go well