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AwkwardAnnie Posts: 2191
Hi girls, I'm beginning to think about the mens suits. We haven't 100% picked the store we are going to use but 90% sure. Trouble is though, they don't have a selection of colours for cravats and ties and I didn't think on ordering extra material with my Dessy Order. Its not that we have an odd colour - its Dessy burgundy. What would be the best way (i.e cost effective) way get 3 Cravats, 2 Ties and 1 Pageboy tie?? Would I be better to order the cravats and ties on the Dessy website (which is gonna cost $160 / €130) or get material and get them made? Would it be cheaper than €130 Where would you look for material?? Is there a certain type of material you need to make ties and cravats? How much would you need to make all of the above??
CarolinaMoon Posts: 2431
I have just had ours made with leftover BM dress material. My BM found a pattern on ebay and our dressmaker made one tie and 7 cravats for something like £70 sterling. She did have to get the stuffing for the tie but all turned out really well!
smiley03 Posts: 184
Go to ebay and ull get all colours of cravats..just type in the colour u want and they range in price from 2.50 - 7.00e...
AwkwardAnnie Posts: 2191
Thanks - I wouldn't be making the cravats myself - I'd get a dressmaker to make them, I'm useless with sewing!! Must look at eBay....... Thanks girls