Between scans....everything ok?

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Grunge Bride Posts: 2529
Hey girls I had a scan at 11 weeks and aren't due another one til 20. We told the immediate families after the scan, and are now going to start telling all and sundry (apart from work). I just feel a bit funny about it as the last scan was already 2 weeks ago, and what if I'm telling everyone and something goes wrong? Presume when I was told risk of MC is less than 1% that includes missed miscarriages etc? I'm still not having much in the way of symptoms other than tiredness (which for all I know could be unrelated) so it's hard to believe everything is happening as it should be in there!!!!
alton Posts: 3077
GB, have you considered getting yourself a doppler, so that you can listen to the baby's heartbeat yourself in between visits. It can take a while to get the hang of it (I've heard, no direct experience) but at your stage you should be able to pick up the placenta beat (slow and thuddy)and the baby's heart (faster than you'd believe :eek ) It might help put your mind at ease when you're having those doubtful days....and yes! we do all have them :wv
nea dude Posts: 749
I felt the same as you in the beginning. Just because you don't feel something inside you yet doesn't mean anything. You wouldn't believe whats going on and the rate of growth of the fetus during this time. There is nothing to be afraid of, we cannot control what will happen and no one can see into the future to tell you if everything will work out ok. Your family and friends will only want to support you and be there for you. You'd be surprised the relief you'll feel when you tell people. You won't need to hide it anymore! Congratulations and wishing you a healthy and happy pregnancy :o)ll :o)ll