Beware - Dress Alterations Shop Disaster!!!

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bridie08 Posts: 94
Just a quick warning girls….. I went into a dress alterations shop in a southside village in Dublin about 3 weeks before my wedding with one of my bridesmaids dresses. Besides needing a major personality transplant the girl working there was one of the rudest, most unhelpful people I’ve ever met. After a lot of huffing and puffing she said the job (taking the dress in an inch) would be completed the day before my wedding. I asked her could they do it any earlier and she agreed to have it ready 2 days before. So my bridesmaid fitted on the dress and the girl pinned her into it and that was that- seemed simple enough. The best man collected the dress and settled the bill (30 something euro- not cheap!) as my bridesmaid couldn’t and brought it down to my hometown. When she fitted the dress on the night before the wedding we discovered the dress shop had massacred the dress bringing it in about 3 dress sizes. There was literally a 6 inch gap at the top when she tried to zip it and she hadn’t put on an ounce in the meantime! Thankfully my aunty came to the rescue and was able to fix it. She said the shop had done such a shoddy job (they didn’t even cut the material they took in) she was able to let it all out and do it properly. If we hadn’t had her to fall back on we would have had to lose a bridesmaid! Since then I found out the same shop made a mess of one of my guests dresses as well. They took it in on one side and as it had a sweet-heart neckline, it looked lop-sided but if they'd just done it evenly on both sides, it would've been fine. Anyhow, just wanted to warn people about this place – I know I can’t mention the name here but if anyone wants to pm me I’ll let them know who it was so they can steer clear!
Lonie Posts: 6
Hi Bridie08. I'd be really grateful if you could PM me with the name of the dressmaker as I've to get my wedding dress taken in and I want to make sure I don't end up having it chopped up to bits!!!
Lisa Lime Posts: 30
Hi Bridie08, Can you pm me the name and location too? Thanks O-O
marriedLife Posts: 1881
Can you PM me as well? Thanks
Kop Mama Posts: 804
I think I know who you are on about and my friend was about to leaver her WEDDING DRESS in but decided not to as the girl working ther was a complete bit#h. Can you pm me anyway just incase. O-O
laoiseD Posts: 40
Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience, could you pm me the shop also PLEASE, im afraid of my life to go anywhere! thanks
Mrs C at last Posts: 1672
Could you pm me too? Im in south Dublin and need my w dress altered, dont want to go to the same shop. Thank You
jenny30 Posts: 9
Could you please pm me too?? Thanks.
casa Posts: 117
hiya, sorry to hear about your ordeal, but just wanted to say you should be really glad that they didn't cut off the material that they took in otherwise there would have been no material to let out and your aunt wouldn't have been able to do anything!! I'm not trying to be funny- just be glad of that one saving grace as i've heard of much worse alterations where there was no resolve. It should go as a warning to everyone else though- [color=red:39n6lobq][u:39n6lobq][b:39n6lobq]ALWAYS[/b:39n6lobq][/u:39n6lobq][/color:39n6lobq] try on a dress/outfit at the alterations place before you leave with it as you generally don't have a leg to stand on otherwise.
casa Posts: 117
sorry forgot to ask- did your guest's dress have a side zip?? it just is generally very difficult to take a dress in at sides if there is a side invisible zip and generally all work would be done on bust seams or centre back seam if possible. This is something to be aware of when picking dresses in shops like coast etc. as there are loads of side zips around at the minute (it gives a more streamlined look as zip is invisible) and they do make alterations difficult unless you have a top notch seamstress.