Beyonce - fake Pregnancy???

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nellegan Posts: 6
Hi ladies im just after seeing a link on facebook thats saying that beyonces bump isnt real? cant get into any other links here in work. Have any of ye heard about it?
pag Posts: 633
I saw similar - not that it was fake pregnancy but more that she had padding to bulk up her bump! No idea where the idea came from. Seems v weird and probably some made up story.
Marvin Mole Posts: 1076
I was on sky news showbiz (sorry don't know how to post link) and there were pictures .. it was when she appeared on an australian chat show on sunday night and although its hard to tell from the pictures it sort of looks like the bump has folded over on itself when she goes to sit down- kind of like when a cushion is folded over! Wierd!
Delphinium Posts: 3027
There was a link in Off Topic yesterday if you want to have a look...... looks a bit suss to me!
Quinny79 Posts: 40
I think its just her dress that kind of creases.... there is a pic of her in croatia with Jay z a few weeks ago with her bare bump showing in a bikini.... would be very odd to pretend to be pregnant.
anotherbabyplease Posts: 57
i saw the photos of her in teh white bikini on hols n she def had a little baby bump going on... not sure why anyone would pretend to be further along?!!! just make the pregnancy longer people saying "u must be due anytime now" or "have u not gone yet"!!! prob just another made up story!!