Bf'ing Problems and how you resolved them?

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round2 Posts: 72
Hi ladies I'm hoping to bf. I did for 8 weeks the last time but it was hell. Just hoping a few of you who successfully bf to give me a few tips and point out what problems you had and how you resolved them? I'm reading loads now as the last time I just didn't have time to deal with the problems I had, really don't want to give up this time!!
pag Posts: 633
Round2 - I had tons of problems but I completely think how you resolved them and why you gave up is dependent on the issues you had. You say it was hell - what were the issues you had. Remember this time around it may not be a problem at all. DD had a gentle suck which meant she wasn't an effective feeder - she kept falling asleep and really wasn't getting enough to put weight on. I got lactation consultant out to house to check latch and got advice on how to keep her feeding effectively (change hold, breast compressions, express off the fore milk, supplement with dropper/syringe after feeds). Then as DD still had weight gain issues I went to a local breastfeeding support group and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Hearing the issues of other mums and possible solutions (also finding out that you weren't the only one having difficulties) just made it that little bit easier. I would definitely recommend getting phone numbers of lactation consultants, breastfeeding groups in the area and even finding out here if any of the mums2b in your birth club are thinking of bf and if they live anywhere nearby. Support is key for continuing.
Delphinium Posts: 3027
I'm new to breastfeeding, Round2 as my baby is only 3 weeks old. Like you I read loads before my DS was born and I do think that it helped me to be informed and I have managed with terrific support from the Midwives in the Rotunda to get BF'ing successfully established after a C-section. But like Pag said the most helpful thing I have found has been talking to other mums. The one big thing I have been getting from talking to other Mums is that every baby is different so don't bank on having the same difficulties this time around. I thought my baby was odd because he guzzles his feed in 10 minutes whereas my SIL's DS just 3 weeks older takes anything from 30 to 40 minutes to feed. Both are entirely normal and my little savage has already gained over 2lbs since birth! For my own part it took a couple of days to teach DS to latch although he had a powerful suck from the start. I had to top up with a couple of small formula feeds in Day 2 and Day 3. My milk came in on Day 3 and I have had no problems keeping him satisfied since then. I did have to persevere with excrutiatingly painful nipples in the first week and a half to 2 weeks. Nipple shields, buckets of Lansinoh and much gritting of teeth got me past it! I'm still learning and having little issues. But I think patience, perseverence and seeking support are essential. Best of luck!
red2011 Posts: 87
Hi - my little boy was born 1am Monday night, my milk came in just yesterday and since then he has been feeding OK - usual sore cracked nipples and he is possetting a lot after his feed but as there is lots of dirty and wet nappies I,m not too concerned about that. What I am worried about is he is a real little sucker and could literally stay on breast all day if I let him.. he is very fussy after feed and was slow to get to sleep so much so that I relented and gave him a dummy which he LOVES now I know this can cause nipple confusion but i just cant see how he will rest and sleep or let me sleep without the dummy... Any advice for me - Im worried I may be making things harder but something has to give :o(
Delphinium Posts: 3027
Red2011, don't beat yourself up over using a dodi! There are definitely times when babies need to suck just to soothe themselves and not to feed. I have been using soothers since I got home from hospital. I am also BF'ing successfully and have given DS expressed milk from a bottle. Nipple confusion my eye! He knows that he has to suck a different way for the artificial nipple. DS just switches between the two. Sometimes he will use the wrong suck and he just figures it out at the next attempt. It certainly hasn't caused me any problems and my niece was exactly the same. Babies are smarter than we sometimes give them credit for!
Buzzo Posts: 1055
girls the breastfeeding support thread over on the the mum & kids board is very good. i fed DS for a year, almost exclusively for the first 6 months, and found any little niggley questions were often answered there, or reassurance given. There's no BF group directly in my area, but I drove to a Cuidiu one a few times in the early months and found it very helpful. I didn't have any huge problems, but I did have a very pukey baby. He threw up a lot of feeds,without having any kind of reflux/pain we could tell. The 'happy puker' they called him at the Cuidiu group. Then one day, when he was probably less than 4 months, another girl arrived pale faced and worried about her seemingly constantly puking baby...and I was able to offer her some guidance. So my advice is - other mums are your best bet, along with a leader with experience if that's on offer. Specifically Red2011 - we had no nipple confusion problems here either, and after weeks of cluster feeding in the evening, we gave DS a soother a bit at night from about 5 weeks to give me a wee rest. The only thing I might be concerned about is that stopping your DS (Congrats by the way :o)ll ) sucking if he needs too this early may cause supply issues? Your breasts need to regulate for your baby, and they're the only ones that can do it at this stage. Have you tried feeding in bed or lying down in bed yet to get a bit more rest? If it's during the day just be ready to get yourself settled on the sofa with the tv remote. You're in very very early days, and it will be very tiring at this stage, and long hours are par for the course. I don't have any experience with them, but have you tried nipple shields to save your nipples and bit? And make sure to lash balm/lanisoh on them too. best of luck :heartbeat: