BFN and No AF!!

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cute kitten Posts: 537
As the title suggests there is still no sign of AF. I did a test on Friday and BFN and I did one yesterday BFN. My last af was 6 Jan so it should be well due. For the mums and mums to be, Did you get your BFP close to when AF was due or a few days later. Tomorrow I will be a week late. AF has always been as regular as clock work, except when I first came off the pill which was late June. At this rate should I just wait for AF so I can hop onto the March train, or still hold out hope? It’s a bit messed up isn’t it, Waiting for AF so we can try again and not waiting it to come in the hope it’s a BFP!!
Mrs D Posts: 36
If Af has been regular since june, I'd stay hopeful. What test are you using? Clearblue digital is supposed to pick up very early levels of HCG hormone. Test again in day or so if still hasn't arrive Fingers crossed for you sammie
mammybean Posts: 10364
th digital oesnt seem to give a postitive test result ust as early as the normal ones. yes it is very messed up isnt it! i would be holding out hope if you are normallt regular
cute kitten Posts: 537
I used the clearblue +/- test. I tried to get the digital but the chemist had none. I have AF type cramps at the moment , have been getting them on and off for the last week or so. So I honestly don't know what to think at the moment. What Im dreading though is having to tell hubby when AF arrives. The look on his face everytime I tell him it hasn't come. I keep telling him it may mean nothing so as to have him prepared as well as myself.