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Mumslove Posts: 528
I went to the doc today as I thought I might have a kidney infection or thrush and I thought my dd had a kidney infection ( by coincidence ). So of course I was very nervous as I know that sometimes thrush is a sign of early pregnancy, but I tried my damndest not to get excited. He checked her urine sample first which came up inconclusive and then he checked mine. As he started I told him their could be a possibility I could be pregnant and he looked at me as if he was looking down on me, but then he asked "why would you think that"? and I told him we've trying for the past month, which returned a not so positive look. He tested my urine anyway and it came up straight away that I had an infection and it is thrush that I have which I got medication for, their was a craic in the tube so their was literally a dribble left for the pregnancy test which came up negative. He said that it is quite early to test as im only 2 days late and to wait another week and to come back. I was going to test tomorrow anyway but now I dont think theirs a point, not for another while if nothing happens. Do you reckon if I was pregnant the test would come up positive even though im only 2 days late? Do you reckon its worth testing with the HPT? Of course I was hoping it came up positve but I havent given up hope yet. What would you do in this situation?
theoracle Posts: 7664
You could try first response HPT. Usually GP's tests are not overly sensitive.