BFP but worried cos took med

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mumofadarling Posts: 37
Hi looking for some reassurance. I just got a BFP this eve. Still in shock. Was facing a very stressful time in work today and got some med from doc as Ive a history of anxiety. Took a test yesterday before I took med and got BFN so thought I was out this month. Took more med this morn low dose only 2mg of axicalm and this evening got BFP. Now Im so worried. Obviously I wont be taking anymore but I cant get excited as Im worried I may have caused harm. :o(
jewellb Posts: 2389
I'm not a doc but try not to worry, I'm on loads of med's after my ivf and I've crohns and on med's for that also, I'm sure you've done absolutely no harm there are girls on the forum that are on these med's while pregnant you should chat to your gp and he/she may decide you need to stay on them. Def go and chat to your doc, and congrats on your pregnancy :lvs
babyforus Posts: 1619
Hey, big congrats on your pregnancy. Talking to your gp will put mind at ease. Afaik the baby doesn't get anything from you for the first couple of weeks until the placenta starts working. Congrats again! Try not to let work stress you out. I hope you are feeling ok on that front.
mumofadarling Posts: 37
Thanks so much for the reassurances girls. My anxiety has been fine for years I just had a very stressful few days at work and I was very worked up but Im fine now and I feel better knowing about that I hopefully have done no damage. I am off to doc on Friday anyway and I'll ask her then. Thanks again x x