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Magicwand Posts: 85
Hi Girls Used this site a lot when I was getting married a year ago and for last little while I have been logging in here on the P & B section. Well was due my AF on Friday/Saturday - am a 32 day cycle. We have been trying to conceive for the last few months. Got cramp like pains last week and sore boobs which I always get when due AF plus my tummy was swollen as usual as well so really thought AF was due, even though I feel different as well.Hair very dry - even hair dresser commented and peeing all the time as well. Held out until yesterday evening and did the Clearblue Test. Here's the thing - we think it is positive !! Think we are both afraid to get excited as it really wasn't totally clear. If any of you have used this test - how clear / accurate was it ? Basically in the box for Pregnant /not pregnant the horizontal line was very clear but the vertical line making the plus sign for positive was much fainter - there was a plus sign but the plus was so faint I dont know what to think. I am scared stiff - am afraid to get excited and also want to if you know what I mean.That said I am afraid either way. Has anyone else had any experience of this ? Am going to get another test today and test again tonight. Typical - I only had one test last night !! When I tested before a few months ago and it was BFN there was no mistake about that but this is hard to tell. Am sitting here so frustrated and I feel so sorry for my hubby as he was afraid to get excited too and we were both sitting there actually feeling stunned but not for the right reasons !! Sorry - think I am losing it !! O:|
Sphynx Posts: 6795
I think a line is a line, no matter how faint. However, if I were you I would try a second test and perhaps use a different brand. After that, if you're still unsure, the best thing is to bring an early morning urine sample to your GP and they will tell you for sure.
mama sugar Posts: 1387
oh think congrats is in order. So you did the test yesterday evening the pregnancy hormone is at its highest the first wee in the morning, so I would advice you to test tomorrow morning. Also get the clear blue digital test it comes up "pregnant" or "not pregnant" so no examining how faint the plus sign is!!!! congrats hun x
bellabella Posts: 2750
Thats brill, My God the bfp's are out in force. Come on now 'JUNE BUGS' you need to start a thread. Have a healthy pregnancy. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sassy Posts: 2269
Looks like congradulations is in order
Magicwand Posts: 85
Oh Girls - thank you so much - this site is great for "being there for you " if you know what I mean. Cannot wait to do another test - to be sure to be sure !! Then I really will get excited. I know I'll be back here for the rest of the week asking what next etc. Am finding it very hard not to ring my Mum and friends already but if I really want to hold out until Xmas and after 1st scan - look at me - running away with myself now ! BlackCat, Mam Sugar and BellaBella- thank you so much for replying - I am breathing again !
Magicwand Posts: 85
Thank you Sassy - think I needed people to confirm that I was not just imaging it ! Hubby was afraid to say either way - think he was afraid of the test completely !!!!!
Sphynx Posts: 6795
Test first thing tomorrow - and let us all know how you get on!
Magicwand Posts: 85
Will do BlackCat- thank a mill.Just read over an old post from Lucy-Loo and she seemed to be the same as me. I suppose am just being cautious in case but then I can't help but think a line is a line. Was funny last night as well though as I kept blaming the light in the bathroom and had to try all rooms with different lighting !!! Will be up at the crack of dawn in the morning to test !
mammybean Posts: 10364
a line is a line is a line its takes the pregnancy hormone to create even a faint line, nothing else will put a line there! congratualtions and take it easy!