BFP last week,confirmed by doc but negative OPK today

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Positive2 Posts: 216
Hi. Me again. Im starting to panick. Had light spotting last night again(very light but red). I done a OPK test as I heard they come up positive if pregnant. But only one line came up. Am I panicking about nothing. Im going to get another HPT on way home again this evening to see. My belly is getting bigger, felt bit sick earlier,cramps low down but boobs etc all normal.But doctor did say last week I was 5weeks. Just dont feel pregnant but so grumpy today and so worried. I can not stop worrying. Can it be possible that I have lost without realising it or is these OPK just for ovulation. What can I do to ease my mind and help me relax. Im a wreck today. :weep :weep :weep
sunny505 Posts: 1807
Sorry to hear you are so worried. I've never even heard of using an ovulation predictor kit to test for pregnancy. Stop torturing yourslef - go get a home pregnancy test or go back to your doctor. Power is knowledge. You can decide how to proceed once you have all the facts but seriously, please stop this torture and do a proper test. Hope it all goes well for you.
Positive2 Posts: 216
thanks sunny 505. I dont know but today Im just terrible, think it was the slight spotting that came back last night that has scared me. Going to get test on way home and I hope all still positive.Thanks for replying. :thnk
fizzy bubbles Posts: 339
Hi, I know the worry you must be feeling. I had spotting on Sunday which then turned into red blood then stopped. I went into the EPU in HS and they did a scan and found a sac. I also did a hpt today and came up pos straight away. Get a hpt and don't use opk's as they are not 100%. If you are still worried maybe give your hosp a ring. Best of luck hun :lvs
bridalnowmam Posts: 2202
OPK'S can sometimes be correct about pg or not, they can not be depended on 100% Defo get the test and go home , see what it says Really hope its still positive for you sagaale,keep us updated, hope you are ok :xox
MrsDr Posts: 1316
Step away from the OPK, they only give two lines for pg on SOME women. Didnt on me though. Get the HPT, it'll put your mind at ease. Let us know how you get on :thnk
Positive2 Posts: 216
Hello. :wv Well I done Clearblue digital test yesterday evening when I went home and it came up near straight away Pregnant 3+. So relaxed a bit. Feeling lot better today not as grumpy or agitated.Spotting has stopped again thank god. Only symptoms today is like a pulling feeling down low,and headache.Have a party on fri night and was trying to find something to wear but def notice a bump today.(wonder if it twins! side effect of clomid). Is it 12 weeks when we get our first scan? :-8
Handymammy Posts: 1086
that is great sagaale. We do drive ourselved demented with worry during the first trimester until we see the scan and everything is ok. Depends on the hospital and whether you are going private, semi private or public. Last year I was going to go semi private in one of the main dublin hospitals and was told by midwife that won't have first scan till 18 weeks, but that with public would have it at 12 weeks. So needless to say I was not happy having to pay for the privlidge of semi private and then to have to wait longer for my first scan. This time I am at a smaller regional hospital and I think that I won't get my first scan till 18/20 weeks which is far too long so will prob pay for a private scan somewhere around the 12 week mark to put my mind at rest