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mumsy2 Posts: 62
Hi girls. have to go anon here as too many people know me from mums & kids. just did a test a few mins ago and got a bfp. can't believe it as we only dtd once this month and was so not expecting it. i have a 9 1/2 month old ds and we were kinda half trying but we are so wrecked from ds we don't get the chance to dtd. it says on the test i'm 2-3 weeks so can anyone please tell me when i'm due as AF has been a bit funny(bits of cloting in my last period)a the last few months. also hoping to get early scan as i had a bled in early pregnancy with ds. i'm just back at work a month. i'm nervous about getting my hopes up but i know i'll def be more relaxed with this pregnancy than i was with ds. prob won't get to go to the doctor til the end of the week. i'm so over the moon, can't believe it
tinyfeet Posts: 3482
Hi mumsy2. Congrats! :o)ll Do you know the first date of your last af coz that's how you'd work out EDD :wv
MomToEmandJ Posts: 1977
aw congrats mumsy2 :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
mumsy2 Posts: 62
thing is for the last 2 months i get brown spotting for about 2-3 days before AF kicks in fully so do i count the spotting as day 1. that would have the 10th of april when spotting started and full AF on the 12th april. can't believe it as to concieve ds i used an ovulator predictor and so wanted the next pregnancy to happen by the will of God. for me its like an immaculate conception as we only dtd once this month when hubby was making it up to me before for heading out for a night on the town and leaving me again with ds and only telling me his plans 2-3 days before hand. i'm sitting now really wanting a nap before i head into work tonight but can't cos i'm so distracted and you wouldn't mind but i've been tearing around the place at work really giving it everything since i went back. was putting down late AF due to my eating habits being so erratic and the stress of work. really have to eat better now.