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billygate Posts: 952
i went for gp appointment todaY - I am 22 weeks gone doc says its a big baby - how do they do and what is big?!?!?!
love struck Posts: 1125
Billygate Dont be worried about that... They told my sister the same thing for her entire pregnancy and she was worried sick.. Her little girl was born ay a lovely 7lbs.. They are just estimating by lenght of baby etc..
Sphynx Posts: 6795
I wouldn't worry. My doc said at the last appointment "this is going to be a big baby" and then explained that that was between 8 and 9 pounds. That's ok with me as I've heard of 10 and 11 pounders! At the last scan the midwife said the baby has v. long legs but is of medium size everywhere else so am not tooooooooo worried about the delivery! They will tell you if they're worried about the baby being excessively large based on their measurements but I think they can't really know for sure.