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Bambino27 Posts: 13
Calm Sea - I had pre-eclmpsia on my first pregnancy too. My husband took a photo of me the day I was induced (2 weeks early because of the pre-e) and honestly I don't recognise myself - my bump was big sure, but the rest of me was just GIANT. I was like the big Gwyneth Paltrow in Shallow Hal :-8 This time I'm around 7 weeks pregnant (dispute with my GP over my edd, will find out next week for sure at my early scan) and by the time the evening comes I have a full on bump - now I know the baby is the size of a seed right now so it's bloating not bump but it honestly looks like I'm 20/22 weeks in the evening time - I dread to think how big I'll get this time :o( It doesn't help either that I'm only 5'1" :duh:
KEbaby Posts: 99
I have to say I'm "not lovin' it"....I'm 23 weeks and last week was asked when I was due and when I said Oct-I got "that's going to be a massive baby!" and the next day I was told my husband must have been busy since we last saw this person and that I must be due any day now! Am feeling very self-conscious at the moment (oh and I got 3 spots on my chin today!) and I think I am going to have to go and buy bigger bras (again!)...the weird thing is I feel very reluctant to do any exercise to try and help myself!! I'm wondering will I ever get back to my pre-pregnancy body???
Mamabelle2011 Posts: 363
It's a tough one. On my first pregnancy I was the size of a whale, had a huge bump, put on 4 stone and have pics to prove it! Even afterwards I thought I was doing great getting back to somewhere near pre-pregnancy weight until I got some family "feedback" and saw some more bloody pics! Anyway, when I look back now I honestly think the level of upset I felt at the big bump comments had a lot to do with hormones and who they were coming from. I didn't mind my close friends or family saying it to me, they were right and they was no nasty digs behind it. It was those I didn't know that well or who simply love to point out that you are waaaaay bigger than your dates suggest that drove me insane!! Pregnancy is a gift and despite some the harsh physical realities that come with it, I think we all feel happy to be pregnant. It's just a tough time to be called out on bump size, weight gain etc. I am currently 22 weeks pregnant and am embracing the big bump syndrome again. I am getting the same comments but feel more ah whatever about them this time round. The big bump won't last for long after all! :lvs
katiebaby78 Posts: 679
Great to hear from other big bump ladies and their stories! 15 weeks to go here before I meet my gorgeous baby girl. I put on 3.5 stone last time and my belly reached 45 inches. I was massive for my size. I'm heading the same direction this time but as you say its not forever.
GiggleHeeHee Posts: 208
Im much bigger this time around, but Im quite liking it! Ive actually lost weight in this pregnancy - nearly half a stone. Heart burn is making it hard for me to eat anything plus not drinking alcohol is keeping the weight off. My bump is very big for 26 weeks - I look due any min! And find the comments quite amusing. It must be all fluid though as baby is measuring correctly. Im embracing my bump as it will be the last one I have and even like a good belly rub and pat from a stranger!