Big day August '08..Its okay to be excited isn't it?!

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hairynut Posts: 55
Hey girls..Just wondering if there are any August '08 Brides out there? I'm so excited and have to admit..think about the big day quite a lot!! Its great havin WOL cos we're all in the same boat..I don't talk about it much to friends or family as I don't want to do their heads in and only last week, H2B snapped at me and said I shouldn't be talking about it so much cos its over a year away!! The thing is..I hardly talk about it all and think its a little unfair of him to say that..I know its different for the bride but sometimes I feel it'd be nice if he showed some interest in the big day..Or am I just being silly? I've done all the organising so far, he hasn't helped at all. A bit p'd off I tells ya!!
torribride Posts: 884
Of course it's ok to be excited! My h2b is the opposite he reckons I'm not talking about/doing enough for our big day! Booked our band last night though and we both did a wee dance to celebrate!! The time will fly! What date is your wedding? mine is 15th July 08
sweetchic Posts: 60
Hi Pippy Longstockings Its perfectly normal to be excited. I'm not getting married until 12 Sept 2008 and I'm very excited. It would be worse if we weren't excited about the whole thing. Us women dream about our big day from when we are children. Well I know I did. Most men just dont understand that. I think this day definately means more to us then it does to them. The white dress, everyone's eyes fixed on you. Oh its gives me shivers just thinking about it. Now I'm being sad!! haha!! Just cant wait to be a MRS :xox
May 08 Wife Posts: 1642
Of course its ok to be excited. We have our wedding booked since April 2006 for May 2008 and i was excited all the way along. I tried not to talk about it much though unless someone else brought it up as it was so long away but now with almost exactly a year to go (31/05/08) everyone is saying it to me so its great. Also think its great to wol and can talk all day on here about it and no one will get sick of listening to you. Im also in the same boat with regard organising everything H2B has organised nothing so far. He has shown interest when i mention the honeymoon though. Men just dont understand girls and weddings and how important it is to book suppliers etc so far in advance they think you can book someone with a months notice or less.Thats just men for ya i guess. I pretty happy organising myself anyway.
mrsptobe Posts: 259
It's never too early to get excited its great to have WOL to chat too :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
Ca cest moi Posts: 7855
Yep I agree it is never too early to get excited. I am getting married in July 2008 by the way. :wv
Ca cest moi Posts: 7855
Sorry, Double Post. :-8
Easy Tiger Posts: 2676
Its perfectly normal to be excited. Im getting married on 20th Sept 08 and I'm so excited :o)ll
Cloud Nine B2b Posts: 219
It's great to be excited!!! would be horrible if we saw it all as a chore! I'm Aug 08 too, loads of people keep asking me how the planning is going, but I kinda keep myself in check when answering in case they think I'm a loo-la! People who aren't close to a wedding lately can't understand how fast things book up... as regards himself, there's no excuse apart from him being of the male variety :o0 think we girls end up having to organise anything important anyway - that makes sure it gets done properly anyway! *) hope he catches the excitement bug soon, make sure he has his own tasks (the ones you don't mind about) like booking the car etc. - good luck!
Mrs Snuffleupagus Posts: 554
Tis only natural!!! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll