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bumpy2010 Posts: 5
hi everyone...I'm 29+2 today and I am just so fed up! I feel like i havent slept right in about forever, my back is constantly sore, work is crazy and I just feel so friggin uncomfortable all the time. I started my yoga class last week and my back was so sore I could hardly do any of the work every time I get up and down off my chair(which is a gazillion times) I get this horrendous pain up through my tailbone to the point where i'm wincing out loud all day :-8 I am swimming, using a cushion when I'm at work and I have one of the pregnancy long cushions for nighttime but I'm still miserable! sorry this is such a big moan but I'm really finding it hard to muster any enthusiasm about facing the next 11 weeks but thanks for reading and if you have any advice please let me actually feels good to just VENT!
nini83 Posts: 1917
Hey bumpy sorry no advice didm't wanna read n not reply , sorry to hear your feeling crappy i'm not as far along as you are but i can imagine it starts to get more uncomfortable as time ticks by and we get bigger. Nothing like a good vent on wol to make you feel better tho also i would set aside an hour or so this eve or tomo for a bath a book and a very large galaxy bar :o0 under normal circumstances this would obviously include a large glass of white wine but you'l have to make do wit juice :o0 just think of the gorgeous lil baba you'l have at the end of all this that will help too hope you feel better soon :lvs
Daff Posts: 11644
I feel your pain! I spent all week counting down til the weekend so i could slep and now it's back to work in the morning I'm actually crying as I don't think I can manage another week. I have to get up from my seat every few minutes in work too, adn some days I actually feel like refusing, or just bursting into tears. I don't even have the energy to go to the loo some days - but I have to as I'm always bursting! :o0 Night is the same, i've a million pillows all around and still can't get comfortable. Started taking iron the other day. Haven't had bloods done since 16 weeks, and not back to the doctor for another two weeks, can't wait that long for them to do more bloods and then have to test them. I'm a veggie so assuming I need the iron, although it doesn't seem to help yet - only three days into it.
ProudMummy Posts: 127
I know exactly what you feel like....... unfortunately ive no advise because with 2 weeks to go I'm absolutely 'crawling the walls' O:| , I dont feel like its my body anymore and I feel like screaming most of the time.. I even went for a walk in the dark tonight in the pouring rain to get some relief & spent 2 hrs sitting on my big birthing ball after (watching white chicks) which I do find a little relief from but it doesnt last, I know ill still be awake till 3am and up again at 7am, so I say bring on the baby at this stage! *)
bumpy2010 Posts: 5
aw thanks girls....its so nice to feel like I'm not on my own and I'm so sorry to hear you're not feeling the joys either :thnk and although I am really excited about the baby its hard sometimes when you feel like your body is not your own! Well at least we have wol to download all our problems on!
dita Posts: 960
I am sooooo happy to be pregnant [b:22arqtju]BUT..............[/b:22arqtju]I totally know where you are coming from..I totally dread going to bed...I am so tired all the time and I know once I go to bed I'm in for hourly trips to the loo..last night I had to get up seven times.....I could not get comfortable no matter what I tried and then eventually I put all my pillows up high and tried to fall asleep sitting up and I woke myself with some savage loud snoring...I don't even snore normally... I'm sitting here feeling like crap...wondering why I feel such loyalty to the job that I won't go home sick just to try and get some sleep...( hate using pregnancy as an excuse ) I just try to stay positive and think o.k I am so wrecked today I must be able to sleep tonight.... As I said so happy to be pregnant.......
bumpy2010 Posts: 5
thats it exactly....I am delighted to be having this baby I just wish I could have proper night's sleep and actually enjoy the process of growing my little one instead of wishing it all away :o( what are we going to be like when the baby comes and any hopes of sleep are gone forever????!!!! I totally agree about using pregnancy as an excuse for being out sick...I just feel so guilty everytime I ring in sick(which has been very little) that its nearly not worth it....its mad though cos if I felt like this not pregnant I wouldnt dream of coming into work but I just dont want to be "the pregnant wan that's out of work 24/7"
Daff Posts: 11644
I'm trying to get my head around being tired as a justification to be off sick. I've a really bad sore throat adn head cold today, and lieterally like a walkign zombie. I think takign tomorrow off would do me a world of good to catch up on rest and shake this, but every few minutes i keep changing my mind. I was even up most of the night with a temp and still got up this morning. I need to stop beign a martyr!