Bigger breasts without surgery!!!!

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chickonthego Posts: 224
Hi girls, just wondering if any of you have tried [b:3i7tel4l]Voluptuo[/b:3i7tel4l].I saw it advertised in [i:3i7tel4l]Essentially hers[/i:3i7tel4l] magazine at the weekend.The programme is endorsed by model Glenda Gilson. Basically you have to take 5 tablets a day.The article says its 100 % natural and contains 6 carefully selected cereals and 3 different kinds of hops.Results after a three month course are larger firmer breasts.The cost is steep €399.Would be very interested to hear form you with your thoughts.The website listed is :wink:
cheile Posts: 1202
Head straight for the PILL, I was a lovely C cup and booted straight to a DD after about 6-8 months!!!!!!
Baking mum Posts: 283
Oh my god Cheile, what pill are you on, I want it!!! :lol:
maidmarian Posts: 280
yea me too, i've been on the pill for years & still no sign of mine to grow!!!!! :o(
Mrs2008 Posts: 812
Get your man to massage them for you. Denise VanOuten swears hers increased cause her man massages them every night while they are watching tv - she went up two cup sizes :eek Worth a try girls :o0
maidmarian Posts: 280
he'd love that :o0 :o0 :o0
Mrs2008 Posts: 812
I know - i actually said it to h2b over the weekend as my boobs have vanished - seriously went swimming and was in shock at my nothing boobs. Anyways he was delighted when i mentioned the massaging. I wonder if it really works though - will report back in a month if i'm of pam anderson proportions :o0
Nolongerwollie Posts: 2181
I'm on yasminelle & I went from a DD to an E in the first 2 months!!