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So-xcited Posts: 21
Hi Fellow Wollies, Really need your help with this one. I have entered the Kildare Village wedding competition to win a wedding at the K-Club, and would really appreciate if you could vote for us. I am blowing my annonimity by posting the link but hoping you will spare a minute to cast a vote for us. I have e-mailed loads of friends/relatives but they aren't following through and voting, though dont you know they'll expect an invite whenever the big day is :-8 A person can only vote once and you get a 10% discount at Kildare Village for your next visit just for voting. I know some of people are going to roll their eye's up to heaven when they read the post but please please help :heartbeat: it would really mean a lot! ... aul-o-shea I was just going to give up on the whole thing until my sister has started harassing people to vote this morning - so here goes nothing :) Some people have over 200 votes so we have some ground to make up - :-8 Thanks for taking the time to read this :lvs
wifeyttc Posts: 2507
i tried to vote but cant get into the link O:| ill keep trying good luck with it :o)ll
farrellandchase Posts: 557
The link isn't working. Best of luck. If you fix the link I'm sure lots of Wollies would be happy to vote for you.
MiniMeonBoard Posts: 6208
Link not working i tried to vote but cant.
So-xcited Posts: 21
Hi Ladies, Talk about bad timing, looks like the website is down at the moment :eek This really isn't working out for me at all - hopefully not an omen :o0 Will let ye know when its back up and running, thanks for your comments x
So-xcited Posts: 21
Hi All, The site seems to be back up and running now! Please could really do with your help- Please vote for us! ... aul-o-shea Thanks, S :lvs
billygate Posts: 952
just voted for ya :wv
w.w.wonder Posts: 297
The link is working now, best of luck x
feb2011 Posts: 17
Just voted for you. Best of luck, hope u win!!! :lvs
abeautifulceremony Posts: 263
best of luck with the comp. I just voted for you too. :-)