Bike or Trike for 3 year old

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mrssunflower Posts: 3651
Hi Girls Really need help with DD's Christmas present. We had decided to get her a bike this year, she is 3 in Feb and has only really used her scuttle bug and the sit on push thingys in creche. She was always too small for any of her friends/cousins bikes so we decided we'd do it this year. We had decided to get her a bike with a handle for us to push at the back if she gets tired/bored as half way to the park I am not carrying her and the bike! So we found a lovely one for 3-5 yr olds today,it had a little basket for her doll, a bell, coloured streamers on the handle bars so she sat on it, liked it, but her feet didn't really touch the peddles we didn't mind because she'll grow into it. Then we went to another toy shop to check out the competition and she saw this (see image) and loved it, she was racing around the toy shop on it. 3 total strangers asked us what age she was then they bought one for their DDs/DSs! Now I'm totally confused what to do! We even visited santa today and she told him she wanted the dora bike not the other bike. The pros are its way cheaper so I can get her another big present, she will use it especially around the house and garden but should we be getting her a bike? Like does everyone get bikes instead at her age?
GoldStar Posts: 775
We bought DS a Lightning McQueen bike for his birthday in August, he was 3. Has sat on the bike once - his birthday. Hates it! :o0 He's afraid he's going to fall off and it sways a bit with the stabilisers. He much prefers his little trike, he can zoom around to his hearts content. I'd get her the Dora one. You can always get her a bigger bike when she's a bit older.
mrssunflower Posts: 3651
Yes she was a bit freaked out about the stabilisers on the other bike and kept saying "its wobbling" You post has really helped me thank you! Off to buy it tomorrow!!
GoldStar Posts: 775
Glad I could help! Happy shopping!