Bikram Yoga. What's it like???

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Eleanor Rigby Posts: 1067
Hi Ladies, I'm starting a four week course of Bikram Yoga in the morning and am wondering what the hell it is all about!? I've behaved really badly since the wedding and have put on about 8-10lbs which I needed to wise up about and shift. I'm a size 12 and am basically soft everywhere. I haven't done any exercise apart from walking since April when I finished up TRX. I know the basics of Bikram, but am wondering if anyone who has tried it has any feedback or tips? I used to do yoga when I lived in Dublin and found it a bit of a snoozefest to be honest, but I've heard bikram is a whole other kettle of fish. Has anyone tried it? Or even kept it up? I've heard it is very good for weight loss and toning but you hear that so often these days I never really know what to trust. Any info or tips you might have would be great!!!
ructions Posts: 2689
Eleanor Rigby Posts: 1067
Urgh. Really?? Sounds a little bit out there for me but my Mum has signed up and wanted a companion so I volunteered. I'll update with info after tomorrow but if anyone else has any pointers or reviews let me know!
rubylee Posts: 18
I loved but didn't keep it up as I was really busy at work and didn't have the time. It's actually really addictive, you'll probably get told that a lot. I didn't find I lost wait but was good for toning and I saw a huge difference in my skin. Also always slept like a baby the night I'd done a class. Tips I picked up along the way which you will probably be told anyway - Drink lots before the class but don't eat for at least 2 hours before hand Don't try to push yourself to far in the first couple of classes, do what you can If you feel sick or dizzy, very normal in the first few classes but does pass, sit down on the floor until it passes. Don't leave the room even if you are just sitting there, it helps to get used to the heat. Don't wipe the sweat away, this just makes you sweat more ! When taking water just sip, if you gulp it down that can contribute to the sick feeling. Lastly for the first few classes, don't stand wih a heater directly in front or behind you ! Good luck
Eleanor Rigby Posts: 1067
Great tips RubyLee! Glad to hear its addictive! I could do with that and a decent night's sleep!!! I'd heard the 'stay in the room' tip before and a friend told me today to bring two towels because you'll need them! Ha!
Sassypants Posts: 4461
Sounds like my idea of hell. I love yoga (yoga that makes you feel like you've done a work out) but don't like being too warm so this is out for me. Hope you enjoy it though!
LadyLizzie Posts: 1724
I love bikram yoga, practiced regularly (2 / 3 /4 times a week) for 3 years. Moved to a new area where they don't have it, miss it terribly :o( Rubylee's tips are excellent, hydration is key. You can expect to be a bit sore the following day or two but sleep very well! Sweating out toxins so your skin will be clear too. Wear shorts and a vest top rather than long pants / long sleeves. Bring a big bottle of cold water into the studio with you, plus tissues as the heat can make your nose run. Large towel and mat for class (the studios usually rent out mats if you don't have one), and a towel for the shower afterwards. It's different to normal yoga, which personally I find a tad boring. Good luck, I hope you & your mum enjoy it!
LittleLily Posts: 3682
Another fan here. I was doing it 3 times a week before I got knocked up. Second the sleeping amazing after it. I loved how I felt after a class. Felt like every muscle was relaxed. The heat lets you stretch your muscles further. I honestly don't know if its any good for losing weight, I just did it because I like it. I would think you would definitely need to be doing it more than once a week to get any benefit from it. Definitely wear your skimpiest clothes. Makes everything easier. Baby is 4 weeks old now so ill be on the look out for a class that provides child care so I can go back to it.
elliesbride Posts: 137
I'm a fan too. The first few sessions suck but once you get over that it's immense. Never borrow a mat or go to one with a carpeted floor, the amount of sweat that falls off everyone....
Eleanor Rigby Posts: 1067
Hey Ladies, Thanks for the responses!! I went to the class this morning and found it quite good albeit a bit sweaty! I honestly didn't think my body could produce so much sweat!!! As I rushed out of the house this morning I didn't grab breakfast and found the worst part of the class was the lihgh headed feeling. Some of the poses I couldn't master but I think with practice I'll get there! When I walked out of the studio today I felt a bit like I'd had a massage. I was all stringy and relaxed! I'm just waiting for bedtime to roll around so I can see if I sleep through the night! I've not had a proper night's sleep in a long time but have been feeling a little bit dozed all day! I'm going to another class solo in the morning so I'll have to see how stiff I am in the morning!