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[img]€6,-€10,-€12_1.jpg[/img] just saw these in looking for something to hold candles in church...was thinking of putting these down the aisle...on the you think that would be too dangerous??? or anyone any suggestions on what to put them on or how to hang them???
fruitypie Posts: 826
They're lovely. I don't think they'd be too dangerous, I suppose it depends on the width of the aisle and the size of your dress. You'd be able to use them afterwards for garden parties and BBQs..
gottabfp Posts: 5641
lovely idea, seen them myself they are even more gorgeous in real life
MrsWhippy09 Posts: 2346
They're lovely and much nicer in real life but tbh, I think they'd be too dangerous. You'd need to check with your priest if they'd be allowed beforehand as they may be classed as a fire hazzard and safety issue in the church.
Rubyrose Posts: 5522
I saw diff ones in dunnes and just loved them, they're lovely too
Anonymous Posts: 24542
I was going to do this with storm lanterns but on visiting the church again realised that there was no way me my dad and my dress would fit down the aisle with them :o0 Ended up arrangeing them on the alter and they looked lovley!
kitten_77 Posts: 826
defo check with priest first, some churches dont allow candles i believe! they are fab though!
mrs.ebayqueen Posts: 2483
i saw them in Dunnes today they really are gorgeous also picked up slippers for the bridesmaid baskets €2.50 each
Sweets08 Posts: 958
They are gorgeous, was looking at them this evening. My brother is bringing me home fab triangular hurricane vases from the UK when he comes for the wedding, he got them for 5sterling each, I am going to have htem in the church and then take them to the hotel for out in courtyard area!