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elizajane Posts: 631
Hey all Went to brimingham's jewellery quarter to get wedding bands today from the same jeweller that H2B bought e ring from. The jewellery quarter is basically an area of Birmingham city with nothing but jewellery shops and most specialise in the high end materials lik e rings and wedding bands etc etc. If anyone is thinking of going abroad to get rings/going up the north can i recommend that you give this option some thought. E ring - i love it :lvs (ok ok i'm completely bias) but I suppose my main point is that you can get yours made exactly as you want it with the very best diamonds for way way less than you'd pay here. When we got it valued its valued at twice the price paid for it! It was designed exactly to the specifications i'd said and i even got a plasic mould of it sent to me in the post before it was made to make sure it was exactly as i'd explained the day i visited the shop. They will work to any budget and try and get you the best diamonds etc for your price bracket. They are kinda like wholesalers in a way cos they do so much of this kinda work and hence cut down on costs. Went back today to get wedding bands and same story - descirbed what i wanted and within a couple of hours a mould had been made for me to ok before they went ahead to make it - it will be ready in a couple of weeks. My e ring is a twist setting and i know from other B2B's on here that they have had difficulty getting a band that will sit right with such a they took my e ring and made the mould to fit flush with it. it was perfect. I'd say theres probably the guts of 100 shops in the quarter - we're dealing with one in particular who has been so so so helpful you wouldnt believe - i cannot say enough good things about him. He's the 12th generation of his family in the business and by god does he know his stuff - nothing is too much trouble for him! Anyways sorry for long post - just for any wollies or any B2B or fiancee's to be - give it a thought - PM me it anyone wants any details and i'll send them onto you. €140 for flights and accommodation to go over - money well spent i think! Hope this is of help to some of ye out there. :wv
TidyMaiden Posts: 12
I cannot agree with you more, although I may be biased as I'm from athe West Midlands!! I too had my engagement ring made to my exact specifications and was also given great advice on buying a diamond - we have had a valuation & it is more then twice what my H2B paid!! We are definitely getting our wedding bands from there, I couldn't recommend a visit highly enough