Birth After Caesarean Class - December 1

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twoboys Posts: 320
I've had several requests to run my BAC class. The class will be on Saturday Dec 1 at 9.30am in the City North Hotel (on the M1). It's a 3 hour class for couples who are interested in your options for birth after a caesarean. The cost of the class is €80 per couple and includes either a Positive VBAC or Positive Caesarean CD. PM me to book your place. Tracy
MsMoo Posts: 1
I wonder whether you would be interested in taking a look at a book to support your work - [b:qtzonsbu]Caesarean Birth: A positive approach to preparation and recovery[/b:qtzonsbu]. I would be happy to send you a copy to see whether it is something you might be interested in recommending to your Mums. It is particularly perinent to anyone wanting to know more about this birth outcome whether they have experienced one or not or are planning another caesarean or not. As you know there are loads of things women can do to make a caesarean experience feel positive if they only knew about their options. It is fantastic that you provide a service which talks about both birth routes openly. You can contact me through my website by typing caesarean birth and Leigh East into a search engine.