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Number2inNov Posts: 447
I'm due on Saturday, and I'm meeting with the doctor in the maternity tomorrow. I was told to bring my birth plan with me. Is this just the leaflet with the tick boxes that they gave me a couple of months back, or did ye make up your own plans? Thanks in advance. :thnk
Sydney Bristow Posts: 185
I just brought the leaflet with me with the bits ticked. I can't imagine they'll have time to read through a detailed plan when you are in labour, so unless there's anything you feel is missing from the leaflet, i'd just go with that!
flippersmrs Posts: 660
i had printed up my own-kept it short and sweet, bulletpoints. the midwife went through it went me and discussed everything and put a copy of it into my chart/file. in the end though i didnt use or need it as i had a very quick labour and was only in hospital 20 mins. i will be doing one again this time around.
redwifey Posts: 2932
To be honest I didn't write out one. I just went in with an open mind to everthing, knew what I did and didn't want and discussed it with DH. Was never asked for one either. Just felt that the midwives and doctors knew what they were doing and trusted their experience. They will discuss everything with you anyway so you can tell them then what you would prefer (or your DH if you are not up to it) at that point. Had 2 great labour experiences and glad I didn't get too caught up with what I did and didn't want.
Number2inNov Posts: 447
Thanks for the replies girls. I was planning on just going with the flow cuz I know things could change when I go in. It was just the midwife said to me last week to make sure I bring in the birth plan on Monday. I'll just bring the leaflet I have with the boxes ticked, and I can discuss what I want with them. The hubby knows what I want anyway so at least he'll be there to guide them as well. Thanks again girls :wv
GentleBirth Posts: 750
Hi Hunnybun It's great to see more maternity units encouraging birth plans - it's a great way of communicating your preferences when you probably won't be in the mood for it on the day. If anyone has one of these birth plan sheets I'd be very interested in what's on the birth plan sheet. What areas does it cover? Limerick seems to have a very high rate of induction for first time Mums so that's an area to give some thought to. 10 days is the local policy but you can negotiate longer if necessary (14 days is the norm for other units). 36% of all first time Mums are induced and assisted deliveries is in the high 30s also. Tracy