Birth plan- when?

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pattie Posts: 2379
I had my birth plan written for my last hospital appt but the dr refused to look at it with some mumbled excuse about the baby still being high (normal for 32 weeks surely?) and something about needing another c-section if the baby hadn't descended by 37 or 39 week appt (which I decided not to argue about till we get that far). I'm curious as to other people's experiences. When did they ask you for one or agree to read yours? I'm based in Limerick and am having to attend the dr's clinic due to my previous CS.
Dee-Lite Posts: 403
My consultant never asked for one but I gave it to him to look at somewhere around 30 weeks or so, might have been a little before that. He read through it and told me what he thought and then put it in my file. Throughout the course of my pregnancy he had a lovely manner but the only time he was not in good form with me was when I asked him about routine artificial rupture of membranes. I didn't feel great after that appointment but just decided I would assert my preferences with the midwives when I arrived in labour and fortunately all went fine and my consultant was there at the birth of DD but never challenged my preferences eventhough I know he had different views. So from my experience I think there is no reason why your birth plan can't be put in your file or discussed, even if things are to change. They are preferences after all and nothing is set in stone, it's not a contract or anything that your consultant will be held to so I feel there is no harm in discussing what your preferences are and having them in writing. I hope all goes well for you and you and even if your consultant is not interested I hope you can get it put in your file so that the midwives know what your preferences are. All the best wishes.
pattie Posts: 2379
I'm going public so I've never actually seen the consultant whose clinic I attend, maybe they were simply under time pressure that morning. How annoying that your consultant seemed put out when you asked about ARM. I suppose I'm trying to eliminate any sources of stress when I actually go into labour, I want to get any arguments out of the way as early as possible so I'm not stressed out the last few weeks of the pregnancy either. They'd better have a very good read of it at my 37 week appt!