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laidback Posts: 224
Just wondering has everyone/anyone done one???? I dunno what to do, dunno if I'll feel silly bringing one to hospital with me if they'll just dismiss it. Anyone who has done one, what exactly have you written???? Should you be really specific or not??? I'm fairly easy going & don't want to rule anything in or out, IMO I've never done this before so just gonna go with the flow. I think??? :o0
theoracle Posts: 7664
A birth plan is really good if you want to put down what your expectations are, or highlight things that you feel very strongly about such as eg if you want a certain type of pain relief excluded. How much heath they pay to these I do not know, I'd say it would depend. I tne uk where I gave birth the first time around, they always ask you to do one, but mine went out of the window as DD didn't co-operate. Ultimately they will do whatever the situation demands, a birth plan is an ideal I suppose.
McMummy Posts: 1041
I'm not doing a birth plan as such but I have thought about what I want and don't want drugs wise. Talked through with DH what he's comfortable doing and not e.g. he really doesn’t want to cut the cord. I’ve also made my decision on whether I want the baby delivered straight up onto my chest for skin to skin or not. Stuff like this, DH and I have both know what the other is comfortable with and would both support each other’s choices. I think we’ll have plenty of time to discuss these with the midwife but I might write a small note so I have it all handy at the time. I’m fairly open minded though so if things aren’t possible or need to change for mine or the babies health then I’ll defiantly change my mind.
digger Posts: 6
I gave birth recently and had a birthplan prepared which I stuck to the front of my notes. I included things like birth positions, cord cutting, etc. and things I didn't want like training staff or any extra people in the room, as it turned out I had about 8 people there :-8 The midwife was brilliant, she read the plan and any time they needed to deviate from it she fully informed me what they wanted to do and asked if it was ok. I think its a good idea to prepare a plan as it'll help you focus on the birth and your needs, it's important to remember though that during the actual birth those needs may change and you have to be prepared to go with the flow.