Birth plans? The norm?

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ainm Posts: 2211
Is it the norm for women to have a birth plan now? I had never even heard of them until i got pregnant :-8 and haven't given it much thought since. Is everyone doing one up?
corkrebel Posts: 744
I did up a birth plan and made the midwife and my gyny aware of my wishes ...but TBH it all went out the window on the day and I just went with what felt right!...and better for baby...! O:o)
TracyD Posts: 750
It's definitely becoming more common but I wouldn't say it's the norm everywhere at the moment. Part of it depends on what you think a birth plan is and which hospital you go to. If you're going to Our Lady of Lourdes there's a birth plan sheet in your file that your midwife will go through with you that covers all of your options. If you're going to Holles Street they prefer that you follow their plan which is Active Management of Labour. Most hospitals are quite happy to discuss your preferences with you to help you have the best experience possible. A birth plan is a communication tool. It helps you get your head around some of the routine procedures at your hospital and can help you decide whether you want them or not (assuming everything is normal) It helps your midwife support you better as she has no idea how you'd like to manage your labour. It's definitely not a guarantee that everything will happen perfectly but it's useful IF something comes up that you weren't expecting - if you've already thought through your options before labour then you'll be able to cope with any changes much easier. Keeping it flexible is important as sometimes babies have other ideas and birth plans of their own :-) Most of the midwives I work with are delighted that more women are putting some thought into what is essentially the biggest day of your life rather than just winging it and hoping everything will turn out find. I'm sure most of the wollies here put a lot of time and effort into planning their wedding and this should be no different. Sometimes things don't go to plan at weddings so thinking through your options and having a plan B is always a good idea and gives you a sense of control. Tracy